Farnborough OBG FC




Toby Harlow


Final Table

In a league of our own!

P W D L F A GD Pts
26 0 4 22 35 101 -66 4

Results this Season

Name Goals
Mant 8
Asseltine 5
Bays 5
French 4
Ponulak 3
Smith P. 3
Bourlet 2
Scotter 2
Mongelard 1
Own goals 1
Southby 1
Stewart 1

Results and Fixtures

Friendlies only
Date H/A Opponents Comp.   Res. Scorers Report
Sep 11 A Orpington Vets Friendly L 1-7 Roger French Orpington Vets(A) match report
Sep 18 H Wickham Park Vets Friendly D 1-1 Chris Bays Wickham Park Vets(H) match report
Sep 25 H Cudham Vets Friendly L 2-3 Chris Bays 2 Cudham Vets(H) match report
Oct 2 H Maidstone Vets Friendly L 1-8 Colin Mant  
Oct 9 No fixture -  
Oct 16 H Met. Police Vets Friendly L 0-5 Met. Police Vets(H) match report
Oct 23 H Walnuts Vets Friendly P-P  
Oct 30 H Diamond Vets Friendly L 1-2 Colin Mant  
Nov 6 A Wickham Park Vets Friendly L 0-8  
Nov 13 H Baltic Exchange Vets Friendly D 2-2 Paul Scotter, Chris Ponulak Baltic Exchange Vets(H) match report
Nov 20 A Toby Vets Friendly L 3-4 Roger French 2, Chris Bourlet Toby Vets(A) match report
Nov 27 A Tiger Vets Friendly L 2-3 Chris Bays 2 Tiger Vets(A) match report
Dec 4 A Lynwood Rangers Vets Friendly L 1-5 Patrice Mongelard Lynwood Rangers Vets(A) match report
Dec 11 H Ditton Vets Friendly L 1-2 Chris Ponulak Ditton Vets(H) match report
Dec 18 H Toby Vets Friendly L 0-2 Toby Vets(H) match report
Jan 8 A Ditton Vets Friendly D 4-4 Colin Mant 2, Roger French, Chris Bourlet Ditton Vets(A) match report
Jan 15 A Diamond Vets Friendly L 2-5 Chris Ponulak, Colin Mant Diamond Vets(A) match report
Jan 22 A Crofton Albion Vets Friendly L 0-1 Crofton Albion Vets(A) match report
Jan 29 A Baltic Exchange Vets Friendly L 2-3 Colin Mant 2 Baltic Exchange Vets(A) match report
Feb 5 H Crofton Albion Vets Friendly L 1-4 Colin Mant Crofton Albion Vets(H) match report
Feb 12 H Old Bromleians Vets Friendly P-P  
Feb 19 A Avery Hill Vets Friendly D 5-5 Dave Asseltine 4, OG. Avery Hill Vets(A) match report
Feb 26 A Met. Police Vets Friendly L 1-4 Dave Asseltine Met. Police Vets(A) match report
Mar 5 H Erith Vets Friendly P-P  
Mar 12 H Lynwood Rangers Vets Friendly L 0-5 Lynwood Rangers Vets(H) match report
Mar 19 A Maidstone Vets Friendly L 1-4 Lee Southby Maidstone Vets(A) match report
Mar 26 H Orpington Vets Friendly L 0-1 Orpington Vets(H) match report
Apr 2 A Old Broms Vets 9-a-side cup Friendly L - P6 W0 D1 L5  
Apr 9 H Tiger Vets Friendly L 1-2 Trevor Stewart Tiger Vets(H) match report
Apr 16 No fixture -  
Apr 23 H Avery Hill Vets Friendly L 2-4 Paul Smith 2 Avery Hill Vets(H) match report
Apr 30 A Cudham Vets Friendly L 1-6 Paul Smith