Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 25th September 1993

Fourth XI
Nigel Hanington, Paul Roots
2 - 0
Eltham Invicta

By Graeme Moir

The 4th team kicked off the new season in style with an impressive 2-0 win on Saturday against Eltham Invicta.

It was not long before our midfield started to control the game Richard Cawker, Steve Vincent, Paul Roots and John Steel all prompting numerous attacks and with a bit more luck we could have been 5~O up at half time with Nigel Hanington, Paul Roots, Dean Lawson all having shots well saved by their keeper. Having dominated the game for so long we almost conceded just before half time but Steve Pearce provided a brilliant save from a shot from six yards.

In the second half Eltham attacked more but could not break through our solid defence with Mark Young having an outstanding game along with Ian Coles, Dean Lawson and Chris Alston who were all doing a fine job. With about 25 minutes left Stumpy ran out of steam and was substituted by a Veteran Team Manager. This tactical switch paid off almost immediately as it must have inpired the other veteran player into action. The 30+ Nigel Hanington calmly walked through
their defence and placed the ball into the net giving their keeper no chance. Kevin Farrell then came on for Chris Alston and got in a couple of nice runs causing some panic in their overworked defence.

We finally put the game out of their reach when five minutes from time Paul Roots chipped home a nice free kick from 25 yards (I'm sure he meant it). Let's hope we can continue playing like this, I'm sure we will have a good season if we do.

The whole team played well and for once the 4ths were no pushovers.