Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 23rd April 1994

Third XI
Simon Duan
1 - 0


Two teams have dominated the SLA Third Division this year. Wendover and Samuel Montagu are way clear and are both playing at "least" one division below their capabilities. Apart from them, the rest of the division is very close. Our fixture with
Bexleyheath last Saturday was odd in the fact that although we were fourth and fifth in the table respectively, neither are clear of being relegated, yet amazingly are only a couple of points away from a promotion place.

We had the better of the first half, sometimes playing some neat football, Los, Darren and Simon all looked more than capable of upsetting their defence and we deservedly took the lead when Simon latched on to a good through pass from Clarky to calmly beat the keeper.

We really needed another goal, but we thought we'd make it interesting in the second half. Tthe second half saw Bexleyheath (past masters in the art of going down) come at us. Des started to get worries about their "pony tailed" right flanker (flanker I said). So did I ......... ..it brought back bad memories .......... ..Coppen! I'd have pulled his pony tail if I could
have caught up with him. Storks came over to assist and promptly fell over. The back four or rather three were under the cosh. Toddy and Steve were solid and Glyn had an excellent game. Gary made a great save near the end to make sure we got the win we just about deserved. Des, forgetting his misgivings about Mr Major's taxation policies was a happy man, two points, a bit of sunshine! What more can a man ask for? ...... ..Rob Hall on the other hand went home nursing a badly damaged left ear.