Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 29th January 1994

Third XI
Stuart Farrelly, Duncan Ainsby
2 - 3
Blackheath Wanderers Res.


The fact that I'm writing this match report proves two things.

1) That the Thirds still write match reports even when they lose.

2) I've got nothing better to do at work.

With City Irrigation still unfit the Thirds journeyed to the "mecca" of footballing arenas...... Norman Park! After last week's
2-12 the air was full of anticipation, or was it ciggy smoke and stale socks?! The smoke was so dense at one stage, that the dressing room resembled a Sydney bushfire district. It was from this hazy interior that our fine body of men strode towards the pitch, where the "mighty" Blackheath had amassed (Storkey "fell" towards the pitch.)

Alas! to the game itself. A fairly even first half saw us take the lead. Good work and a fine ball from Rootsy or was it Toddy or Duncan (shows how much notice I take!) to Stuart, who calmly put it over the keeper into the net. At half time we were 1-2 down.

Kicking downhill in the second half we badly needed an early goal, that said, we immediately "shipped" one....... 1-3. We had most of the second half. Duncan had several good shots saved, but a lot of our play broke down in the last 3rd of the pitch. Nick Waller moved up into midfield, which effectively closed down the space for both sides (sorry Nick!) Duncan made it 2-3 from the spot after an "obvious" penalty in which Rob Hall trod on his bootlace! After that we had a lot of pressure but couldn't force the ball in. Stuart hit the post minutes from the end which just about summed up our day.

It's a mystery to everyone how we failed to win this one. Perhaps we should challenge them to a smoking competition?....we'd win that one.

Vic scored the only tactical success of the day by managing to convince Mickey Haywood that the match was off....I thought it was quiet! A special mention to the "Rooster" who showed his versatility by playing centre half. You only really need gloves when you're playing in goal Ed, and certainly not in the balmy 11 degrees on Saturday. I think it was probably that spell between the sticks last week that did it! Mind you....it's said that all keepers are "MAD"....Just look at Easton!