Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 26th February 1994

Avery Hill College Res.
4 - 2
Second XI
Des Lindsay, Duncan Ainsby

By Colin Brazier

What's this? A match report?? From the SECONDS??? But they lost didn't they? 

I must admit that when I was given the job of looking after the balls and first aid, I didn't think it would extend to during the game, but that's exactly what I found myself doing! Should have known really - I'd bought new boots 2 hours earlier. 

Anyway, looking after the kit is an important task - well it was on Saturday. In the first 20 minutes, I supervised the lending of our pump, bucket, sponge and a replacement match ball to Avery Hill - education cuts have obviously bitten deep! And there's no truth in. the rumour that they wanted Keith Beston as second sub, although we did offer Dave Bandell, . an off that was, not surprisingly refused. So Dave saved me from having to run the line - thanks Sheedy!

So on to the game. Well, after conceding soft early goal, we did well to equalise against the run of play when Duncan made the most of a bad back pass. Less than a minute later we were behind again, the result of a classic case of still celebrating. Soon after half-time, their forward collected a half clearance, turned, and clouted the ball past Gary - 3-1. Duncan then had a good goal disallowed for offside, and then I came on to save the day. So five minutes later, when we were losing 4-1............!

Des scored late on, and we kept their defence worried until the final whistle, without any further reward. Whether this result ignalled the end of of a mini-revival, or just a blip in a permanent recovery remains to be seen. Just as against Orpington before Christmas, we put in a poor display after a few good results. While not playing nearly as bad as against Orpington we again failed to do ourselves justice against the sort of team we really should be beating. But I still reckon we'll get out of trouble and finish mid-table, as long as we put the effort in. Which is more than I can say about another team I have an interest in. Crikey, I could have scripted that game myself. From being 2 up, 3-2 down, missing a penalty, and losing to a penalty in the last minute. WHAT A TOTAL, TOTAL SHAMBLES.