Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 20th November 1993

Middle Park
3 - 2
First XI
Des Lindsay, Dave Power

By Paul Tanton

As the first snowflakes fell on the Co-op Ground, the First Eleven Supporters Association arrived in the 'Tant Mobile'. It was a day for silly hats, silly footwear and Dave Edwards sporting a long flasher mack! The coldest person of the day was Paul Bailey, with a very short haircut; he was later seen wearing the flasher Mack as well and was carted off to Broadmoor for tests!

It was also the second showing of Toby's headband which he claims "gives him a couple of yards" Where about I keep asking myself? 

Dave Power was this week's most unfortunate player to find himself playing left midfield, with the teams last two players to appear in that position nursing injuries. Would the Jinx strike again - from now on the words 'left midfield' are banned and the words 'left halves' to be used instead. Dave Edwards reminded everyborly that Dave Power's suspension starts from this week - so it wont notice unless you go to Millwall in the next couple of weeks. 

We got off to a great start, Des Lindsay powered home a header from Carlos 1 s corner, the first time the Guild have· scored from a corner since 1910 when Vic Goddard scored with an overhead kick. Unfortunately indecision in defence led to the Middle Park equaliser. The rest of the half was a tough midfield battle with neither side producing many openings. Although Gary persistently tormented the Middle Park defence he could not find a way through. 

At half time it was 1-1 and time for Neil who now off his crutches to relaunch his career after a month in the soccer wilderness with a typical jinking run and you could tell he had lost none of his lightning pace. 

The second half started and the temperature rapidly dropped to sub-arctic conditions. Also our play somehow went and we lost our momentum. Paul Bailey was badly hurt by a flying elbow, Graham was incensed on the line. The Referee turned a blind eye from probably fifty yards because he never kept up with play. Someone on the line commented the Ref had rigamortice. 

A goal from a corner which Martin could'nt hold and Middle Park were 2-1 up. We began to play a bit and Dave Power ruined his reputation by stealing in from (left half) to delicately chip the advancing keeper to equalise from Marco Young's pass. We looked to have got out of jail but Middle Park scored again from a corner. There was still time for the Ref to make one last crap decision turning down Gary's blatent Penalty appeal. 

Cold wet and pissed off we trudged back to the Tant Mobile. Still at least Millwall won.