Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 11th November 2006

Sevenoaks Cup
1st round

Dunton Green
3 - 2
Second XI
Dan Head, Matt Gardiner

By Danny Saines

Erith 147 Reserves 2 - Farnborough OBG Reserves 1
Penhill Standard 7 - Farnborough OBG Reserves 4 (aet)
Dunton Green 3 - Farnborough OBG Reserves 2 (aet)

Another disappointing Saturday which sees the Reserve team now dumped out of all 3 cup competitions, on 3 consecutive weeks, on 3 separate away grounds. Not good at all.

"So I suppose we''ll concentrate on the league then."

To me, that cliche stinks of complacency, and, as being the Gaffer of the Second team, I have to take some responsibility for letting down the Guild with regard to winning cup silverware, which the club such as Farnborough deserves. Or at least making it through to the second round stages.

As I said, some responsibility for letting down the Guild, not all.

The rest of the responsibility must be borne I''m afraid by the numerous personel who have represented the Reserve team over the past 3 weeks.

I say 3 weeks, as that is how I have now come to package our shock cup exits to poorer opposition. As a block unit. A block unit with variable problems differing from one week to another. Problems ranging from availability, injuries, forced changes of personnel, positional changes, attitude, commitment, ability, confidence, quality, desire, determination, respect, and morale.

All of these have played a part in various quantities over the past 3 weeks and it is my job now to try and put it right. My job, along with everyone else who wants to be chosen each week to put on a Guild shirt for the Reserves. A Reserve team to the First team. Shaun has every right to be concerned.

Individual performances are just not good enough. Collective performances are just not good enough. We have been dumped out of all 3 cups and it is now time to wake up and smell it (the s**t not the coffee). We have to evaluate and decide what we want to do. As individuals and as a collective. You either re-focus, pick yourself up, wear your heart on your sleeve, and take pride when putting on the red & yellow stripes. Or you carry on the way you are. If you do then there will be no place in my squad whoever you are. Let alone the First team.

Certain positives that have come out of the past few weeks are hungry players that have come up from the Thirds and Fourths. Dave Martin (who has now made 90 minutes for the First team), Paul Burford (netting a hat-trick last week), Geof Ray in goal (not one of the conceded 12 goals has been his fault), Sam Evans (who had a steady debut Saturday), and Peter Morton (who had a superb game Saturday).

Saturday is a massive game for the Reserve Team of Farnborough OBG. We are finally at home but face the biggest test of the season so far. Crofton Albion are clear at the top, accumulating a massive 22 points. The result means everything. But not as much as everything else. If what you have read above has not sunk in then don''t bother turning up.

I want everyone who is, has been, or thinks they are, part of the FOBG Reserve Team squad so far this season, injured, picked, or not picked, up there for kick off please. Come rain or shine. Chosen squad members need to be in the changing room by 1pm. No excuses.

I''m sure there will be First team management and players on the line as well, giving us all the support, criticism, and encouragement we need to put in 90 minutes of graft.

Not that we should need it.

For the record, Man of the Match awards over the past 3 weeks have been as follows:

* Sat 28/10/06 - Erith 147 Reserves - Dave Martin
* Sat 04/11/06 - Penhill Standard - Geof Ray/Paul Burford (split)
* Sat 11/11/06 - Dunton Green Reserves - Daragh Nott