Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 31st March 2007

Bridon Ropes A
3 - 0
Third XI


As the team settled into their positions ready for the kick off, the strength of the wind behind us was clear for everyone to feel, in particular Simon who felt it a great opportunity to do the unthinkable and make himself an instant hero by trying to score straight from the kickoff.......it resulted in a put your head down moment and maybe have a little scratch behind the ears.

So we started as we meant to go on in the first half, and even with the wind so strong behind us we weren''t able to put the opposition''s goal under much threat, the one shot on target coming from the ''most experienced'' player on the pitch, daddy bear Steve Viner. The football was scrappy and as I stood on the touchline watching the game I found the only real highlight to be the Jeff Buckley I had playing on my iPod (mainly used to drown out Todd''s ''encouraging'' words on the field). We conceded a soft goal midway through the half and towards the end there was a treble blow when not only did Piers limp off injured, but this meant the ''young hotshot'' Chris Viner (or ''young hotpot'' with his new found paunch), had to hang up his iPod and strut onto the pitch, followed shortly by Yap Yap Rovers getting their second goal.

With the second half against the wind looming, in true Glen Roeder football cliche fashion - ''we knew we''d have to raise our game to get anything out of the match'' and after all ''it is a game of two halves''. So everyone tried hard to start with but conditions were tough and we struggled to put together many passes, although we did create one good chance with Ben doing well to latch on to a pass from Simon through the middle, only for him to go slightly wide around the keeper and not able to recover a shot back at goal.

There were second half highlights though, the first being when one of Bridon''s players managed to smash into Steve Viner''s head whilst going for a high ball, only to collapse with blood pouring from a headwound, whilst Steve swanned on with merely an ache of the head. The second highlight was perhaps more fun, with Jay directing a thumping clearance into the back of Todd''s head, which then saw the ball looping over our impressive keeper Matt and high into the corner of the goal. Wonderful.

There was a great chance at the death for me to grab a consolation for us after good work from Lee, but I missed.

Man of the match went to Colin, and rightly so. However some would say his ability to hit the crossbar when positioned 2 yards out directly in front of goal would strip him of any earned credit.

Everyone now will be looking for a much improved game next week, and hopefully therefore a much more enjoyable game