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Saturday 2nd December 2006

Beaverwood Reserves
4 - 7
Third XI
Paul Burford 2, Darren Burkett 2, Simon Davies, Antony Dine, Aaron Carpenter

By Paul Parsons

World of Sport had a vidiprinter that continually buzzed and rattled away during an exciting bout of Giant Haystacks and Mick McManus. It was very similar to the football manager programme on the Acorn Electron (poor mans BBC Micro and not as good as the ZX Spectrum if I remember rightly - or the Commodore 64 either!)

It went something like this:

Buzz buzz buzz GOAL!! 0-1 FOBG (Darren Burkett, 15 mins, right foot from 18 yards out looped, with power and precision, round keeper)

Buzz blip rattle buzz GOAL!! 1-1 (20 mins, Beaverwood scramble)

Buzz fizz buzz wheeze, GOAL!! 2-1 (21 mins, Beaverwood scramble)

Buzz fizz buzz rattle GOAL!! 3-1 (23 mins, Beaverwood scramble)

Bizz fuzz rattle wheeze GOAL!! 3-2 (Darren Burkett, 35 mins, close range effort)

Wheeze fizz buzz rattle WHAT A GOAL!! 3-3 (Antony Dine, 40 mins, on wing, skipped past one, dashed past another, cut inside and from an acute angle smashed home!)

Fizz buzz rattle rattle wheeze wheeze (no, not Steve Viner keeping up with play!!) B*LL**KS GOAL!! 4-3 (44 mins, Beaverwood scramble)

HALF TIME!! Report……Great game for spectators, Rod Stoyle pulled off great save in first half to keep FOBG in it.

Wheeze wheeze fizz buzz (Darren Burkett running down wing, more wheeze, a little buzz and a great fizz, but definitely more wheeze!……crosses, clip clack whrrr fizz AAAAARRRGGHHH (Djan shot in penalty area!) PENALTY!!!

GOAL!! 4-4 (Simon Davies, under pressure, penalty, so cool, 50 mins, straight down the middle)

Fizz buzz click clack GOAL!! 4-5 (Super sub Paul Burford, 70 mins lobs keeper from 25 yards, great awareness)

Click clack fizz buzz GOAL!! 4-6 (Super sub Aaron Carpenter, 75 mins, deft header inside 6 yard box after Djan hits angle with delicate chip)

Wheeze wheeze buzz BANG! GOAL!! 4-7 (Burford brace bashed in from 12 yards out, 85 mins)

Bring back Dickie Davies! (and that tennis game in black and white!)