Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 7th October 2006

Fourth XI
Michael Seymour, Djan Akwasi
2 - 7
Ex Blues Reserves


Well. I’m confused …. 2 weeks ago we were a team with a massive amount of heart, a huge drive to want to do well this season and a team who wanted to play for one another.

This week how ever I didn’t see any of that. Even with a lot of players missing I still thought the team we had out on the park was good enough to do a job against a Ex Blues team who didn’t look spectacular - they didn’t even play that well, but the difference was they were out there to play. It showed and we got well beaten...

The game started badly for us with a very dodgy back pass decision given against us from which Ex Blues scored their first goal. I’m going to leave that half there... I think everyone knows how bad it was and I''m sure you would all like to forget it. Michael Seymour scored our goal which he looped over the keeper after getting a toe onto a long ball.

So 4-1 down at half time and we knew it had to get better and it slowly did. Although we were still making mistakes we improved and I really felt if we got another goal the game would change.

Unfortunately Ex Blues scored first, heads went back down and we were back under the cosh. We did score which came from Djan''s great block from the keeper''s kick. We then bounced into life and showed the kind of football we could play with some nice play down the wings and winning balls in the midfield. The last 15 mins was our game, but it was only inevitable that we conceded on the break whilst trying to create chances.

Final score 7 -2 - let''s just put it down to one of them days, try to forget it and let''s have the bouncebackability next week.

Injury report...

* Stewart Copeland: 8 weeks, broken cheekbone operation;
* Rob Weekly: 2 weeks, hamstring;
* John Barry: 5 weeks, chipped ankle;
* Joe Lipton: 1-2 weeks, ankle strain.

Please let me know of any others to report.