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Match Report

Sunday 29th April 2007


Cudham Vets
11 - 2
Senior Vets
Paul Storkey, Toby Harlow


Don’t mention the score, or at least lie about it was the agreement in the changing room. Usually I try and pick positives out of the match for the report, but if I did that in this instance the report would end now.

So what went wrong? Let''s just make a short list: no marking, no tracking back, not keeping the ball, unable to string more than 2 passes together, not talking to each other, and finally playing like a load of tired old men. I am aware that we are, but most weeks we manage to at least give it a go and walk off the pitch with our heads held high. But not this week. We did manage to score a couple of excellent goals, but that is about all the positives we can take out of the game. It was so bad that mad dog in goal played on field for the opposition for 5 minutes and even looked good against us. That statement in itself just about sums up how we played. Still it’s only a game and not a matter of life and death.

We have still got our last game of the season to look forward to next week.

Let’s go out there and put this shambles behind us and achieve that all elusive win.