Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 19th January 2020


Glendale Vets
3 - 5
Senior Vets
Kypros Michael 3, Simon Thomas, Gordon Thompson

By Patrice Mongelard

Farnborough repeat favourite score of 2020

The odds of this match being claimed by the weather, like last Sunday's, were short indeed earlier in the week.  However, a dry thirty-six hours or so, and the determination shown by our opponents to get this game played meant a run-out on a cold but dry and sunny Sunday. Phil Anthony’s tights were made for weather like this.  We had the pick of six pitches at the Croydon Postal Sports Ground but unsurprisingly settled for the one that showed the most signs that the sun had worked on the sharp morning frost.  In the end the surface moistened but held up relatively well.

Changing room antics were livened up by the appearance of Manty’s lucky panties – pale blue, lacy, reinforced faux velvet gusset with a shade of piccalilli – not quite Victoria’s Secret, more Manty’s Secret.  There was also a pair of plastic tits being thrown about – no it was not Kypros and Patrice, but a small female rubber torso which the office Secret Santa had gifted to Michael Hills as a sort of stress reliever.  Needless to say, this appealed greatly to the juvenile wing of the Farnborough Senior Vets who tittered with gusto.

FOBG Squad:  Matt Angelo, Phil Anthony, Sinisa Gracanin, Dan Herbert, Waine Hetherington, Michael Hills, Louis Hussey, Colin Mant, Kypros Michael, Mick O’Flynn, Joe Skinner, Simon Thomas, Gordon Thompson.

Supporters: Patrice Mongelard and Claire Skinner.

Director of Football:  Mick O’Flynn

Chief Football Correspondent:  Patrice Mongelard

Glendale started well registering the first two or three shots on goal.  We stuttered initially as usual, with early half chances falling to Kypros Michael.  Farnborough fell behind against the run of play after a quarter of an hour.  A long throw-in caused problems in our box, defenders not helped by the bright low sun, and we did not have the numbers in our box to clear the danger away.  Glendale are a relatively big side and they have learned to make the most of set pieces.  The ball was bundled in at the far post after two or three exchanges of head tennis.  Mick O’Flynn felt that the dreamy linesman, Patrice Mongelard, should have signalled a foul throw but the moment had passed.

The next quarter of an hour or so was frustrating for both teams, with defences on top and the final passes not quite up to the mark.  We had a lot of joy down both wings and our midfielders were starting to turn the tide but we had to wait what seemed like a long time before we drew level.  Gordon Thompson drifted inside from the left with quick crab-like steps and spied an opening which he duly exploited with a peach of a twenty-yard curler into the top corner.  The very good Glendale keeper was at full stretch but the shot was too good from a master craftsman. 

It did not take us long to edge ahead.  After a few missed chances which fell to Kypros Michael and Simon Thomas these two players combined and Simon was left to tap in with aplomb at the far post after Kypros had got the better of his marker and flashed a low cross which beat the Glendale keeper.  2-1 was no less than we deserved.  It would have been 3-1 if Kypros Michael, much to his fury, had not been ruled initially offside after having rounded the keeper to squeeze the ball home from a tight angle. He loves squeezing the ball home from a tight angle does our Kypros. 

I should give a mention to the Glendale representative Pete Smith who did an excellent job refereeing the game.  As the visiting team we felt he was very fair, given the stick he was taking from his own players. There was a flicker of discord when a Michael Hills tackle was deemed to pose a potential challenge to the way of life of a tricky Glendale winger with a mortgage and four kids to support looking to go to work in the morning.  But the players shook hands and got on with it.

2-1 at half-time felt right and we were soon eased into a zone of relative comfort when very early after the restart Kypros Michael converted an exquisite through ball from Dan Herbert, curator of a masterful midfield performance today, to double our lead.  We were to score again - twice - in relatively quick succession.  Michael Hills had another of his trademark barnstorming runs out of defence and entered the box where he was interfered with.  The spot kick was gleefully converted by Kypros Michael.  An even better goal followed – our fifth – after Simon Thomas had penetrated on the right and delivered a cross aimed for the far post.  A Glendale head temporarily delayed the connection of the ball with Kypros Michael’s left foot but connection there was and so sweet that any watching diabetic would have had to avert their eyes.

Did we get complacent at 5-1 up?  I think there was a smidgeon of complacency that crept into our game.  I lost count of the number of times we outnumbered Glendale defenders in their box.  Lou Hussey appeared to have dropped anchor in the Glendale box.  Joe Skinner had discovered wings on his back going forward.  This meant gaps in our midfield and defence and a side with Glendale’s quality was always going to exploit this.  Colin Mant and Michael Hills had a Chuckle Brothers moment in the heart of our defence which went unpunished.  But 5-1 became 5-2 before Glendale hit the bar and won several corners when they were at their most dangerous.  Matt Angelo caught the eye with one or two acrobatic interventions in a crowded box.

Mick O’Flynn made it even more interesting when he was adjudged to have brought a Glendale forward from behind with ten minutes left, the only blemish in an otherwise sparkling half.  We had no difficulty with the referee’s decision and Glendale notched their third.  We held on though, with Sinisa Gracanin and Dan Herbert putting in a mighty shift helping out the defence.  This gave us our second 5-3 win of 2020, out of two games played.

We had the vast bar to ourselves and the Glendale players, and a tray of ham and cheese sandwiches was most welcome.  The drive home was livened up by the presence of Matt Angelo in the car.  No need for radio or satnav.  A couple of the lads in the back had headphones on, I think. 

Man of the Match – Kypros Michael, scorer of a hat-trick, who could not be denied this time round, way ahead of the peloton.  

Man of the match: Kypros Michael