Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 2nd April 2006

Senior Division

Eltham Town United
2 - 2
Sunday XI
Adam Dawson 2

By Paul Tanton

What a surprise, another draw - our seventh in the league this season!!! Once again our preparation was not helped by 3 drop-outs on the morning of the game, all due to injuries from the day before.

We all knew the importance of this game, if we had lost it I reckon we would be relegated and that looked highly likely after 10 minutes when we decided to give Eltham a two goal head start. This was due to us giving the ball away in stupid areas and not marking tightly enough. However after the crazy first 10 minutes we got our act together, starting to pass the ball properly and press the opposition. Just before half-time Dawson scored one of his trademark free kicks and we were very much back in it. A chaotic half-time chat followed in which one of the more senior players told me to ''F*** OFF''. His reward for this outburst was having to wash the kit.

The second half we carried on where we left off and Dawson scored from the spot after being brought down. The game ended 2 all and once again we created and missed several good chances but then again so did Eltham. So I think a fair result.

I was very pleased with the team spirit and the fact we didn''t give up after such a bad start to the game. Some excellent performances especially by Jumbo, Jason Miller and Adam Dawson (with Jason collecting the majority of the votes). Good to see our most of our injured players watching on the sideline. We looked like we enjoyed the game, battled for every ball and had a bit of laugh afterwards (mostly at my expense and I''ve already told Harrigan to release the ball quicker when I''m making a surging run down the right wing). This reminded me of last season when every game was an adventure.

I will be sending Colin Judge the bill for the valetting of my new Almeira and Vic has asked people to stop acting like they are 5 year olds and leave the cones alone.

There no games for a couple of weeks then Defiance and Goldsmith both away and we need a similar battling performance both those games.