Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 14th January 2006

Fourth XI
Liam Hillman, Djan Akwasi
2 - 3
Univ. of Greenwich


Where do I start??

First of all my sympathies go out to the players who didn''t get a match this week, I don’t think it was anything personal but with the game so tight and everyone playing well it was hard to see who should have gone off, don’t worry lads your chance will come.

To the game and it was good to see a better warm up from all the team instead of us freezing our bo**ocks off, the team line up with Derek Vickers in goal, Ryan McGibbon, Steve Blanchard, Jason Blay and Rod Stoyle making the back four, Djan Akwasi, Terry Edwards and Jon Blay in the middle with myself (Dan Head), George & Liam Hillman up front.

We started really well going forward with everyone closing down every ball but looked a bit exposed when defending due to us playing three up front, but the defence held their own, it was from our all closing down that we managed to capitalise on some slack defending from Greenwich and Djan managed to keep his shot down (for once!!) and drilled it home and we took a fully deserved lead. But for us good things never seem to last and Greenwich got themselves back into the game and took the lead with two quick goals, however we got ourselves together and started to attack them once more and were very unlucky when I had a goal disallowed for offside (although it took me two attempts to get it in the net). Half time shortly followed with us 2-1 down.

In the second half we went all out attack once again and it was end to end stuff with chances being created for both sides, there were also several war cries from the usual suspects Djan and Tel but it was Greenwich that took a 2 goal advantage and it hurt us bad, but I cannot praise the spirit of the team enough as we kept fighting and again there was another dubious decision from the ref when the keeper handled the ball outside the box when George (with Liam in support) broke through and in my opinion should have been given his marching orders but only received a yellow. I don’t care what anyone says it was a goal scoring opportunity. We finally got the rewards our pressure deserved when Djan played Liam through and he scored from an amazingly tight angle, that goal gave us a lot of spirit (especially Tel who deserved an oscar for his screaming). Greenwich were nervous and were just going long ball as we continued to press and we almost got the breakthrough as George came very close twice (unlucky mate), but I think he looked very dangerous and happier playing up front alongside Liam.

But don’t be too disheartened lads we gave a team in the league above a bloody good game and they knew that as well as do all the teams we’ve played this season and we are getting better every week and soon we will get the breakthrough we deserve.