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Match Report

Saturday 19th November 2005

Old Addeyans
7 - 3
Fourth XI
Dan Head, Alex Thrall, Liam Hillman


Why did we turn up on Saturday?? Was it because the sun was shining? Because it was a warm day? Because the pitch and facilities were top notch? Because we wanted to win? I’m still asking myself that question now.

We have the same group of fans come and watch us each week and as I left the pitch I couldn’t look them in the face, I felt embarrassed of our second half performance. As a team we let our manager down and as people we let ourselves down. I apologise to any player who can honestly put their hand up and say, “I left that pitch knowing there was nothing more that I could give”. Des gave an after match speech which I’m afraid I missed, but from what I could gather he said some players gave up, and everyone was asking who he meant, unfortunately it doesn’t matter who he meant because there were 11 of us on that pitch, those players who went missing during the game let their mates down.

The amazing thing about football is we can play again this Saturday, play better and all laugh about last week’s game. Football is meant to be fun and it''s not fun losing when we don’t try, let''s put 100% in this week get a win and enjoy the weekend.

It was a cup game against very good opposition from the league above. We knew we’d be up against it from the start, they had a very good hard working team and we would need to work harder to get something from this game.

We went 3–0 down through some sloppy goals, pulled back to 3-2 with goals form Alex Thrall and Liam Hillman, both well taken goals after individual hard work. We almost made it back on level terms at half time but their keeper made a brilliant save after Dan Head broke through.

We started the second half well, pressurising them and hassling them and had two or three great chances. Then we let a sloppy goal in and our heads dropped and we gave up. We pulled one back at the end but it was far too late, Dan beating the keeper with a cool finish.

The two boys up front looked good when we brought them into the game. They struggled with the offside trap but learnt through the game and we waltzed through at every opportunity after that. Alex did well in midfield for us, in a team where he didn’t know anyone and coming from a few weeks off injured.

Thanks to Ian Coles for helping out this week, and thanks for the comment about the showers being like someone was relieving themselves on your head, never experienced that so I’ll take your word for it….

We are a young side and still learning each other’s games, with the majority of the team around 20 (almost all actually) there is a lot more to come from us this year.

We’ve got Ex-Blues this week, so we’ll be in a changed kit, and looking for a changed performance. If we show for 90 minutes the effort and hard work we showed for about half an hour last week we can win this game and start moving back up the table.