Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 15th October 2005

Old Colfeians
6 - 2
Fourth XI
George Hillman, Jon Coppen


Saturday''s game was a classic start on a balmy October afternoon, a changing room full of snarling rugger buggers, and Des trying to recruit.

It''s not been a very auspicious start with many players unavailable, and some just not turning up (naming no names), you know what you commit to at the start of the season, how about giving Des some support and sticking to it? I for one don''t envy Des'' task of rounding up players on Friday night/Saturday morning in order to have some kind of starting 11.

A slightly more settled team, and a touch of luck could turn this season on its head. With a few late omissions due to various commitments Des was frantically trying to put together the remnants of a side.

With a makeshift back four it was always going to be a tough start against a side fielding a 16 year old striker, and the largest line up since Andy Harrold last squeezed into a yellow and red shirt.

The game started brightly with both sides feeling each other out. But gradually the central midfield partnership of Old Colfeians started to dominate, and stretch our back four, with telling through balls. Mark was doing an admirable job of containing the lively youngster, and with Ben and Rob stifling the wingers they resorted to long balls over the top, and set the pattern for the match.

Dan and Terry were battling away in the middle but in danger of getting overrun, and this meant our attacking options with John and Tom wide and George and Liam up top were limited by service.

It took two goals by the oppo to change the pattern of play. The first was conceded due to a defensive mix up, with a far post finish. The second was very much the same scenario.

This seemed to inspire Farnborough into pushing forward and quite a lot of space was found down both flanks with Tom and John getting in behind the two full backs.

Our first goal was the result of a mazy run behind the left back and a pull back which found George unmarked in front of the keeper in the six yard box, and a deft back heel brought us back into the game.

A Colfeians challenge made in the left back position resulted in a free kick, which I stepped up to take in order to get bodies pushed into the box. The next 10 seconds are a blur, but needless to say I tried to skim a low ball across the six yard box for someone to get a touch to, but overcooked it and hit it just inside the near post. And the generosity of their goalkeeper saw him end up in the back of the net with the ball (Beckham-esque).

With half time approaching we were on the up with their main threat coming from the long ball, one of which led to (in my opinion!) a fair shoulder to shoulder challenge being given as a free kick about 25 yards out, and a near post delivery was flicked in to make it 3-2, not exactly what we wanted on the stroke of half time.

The second half was a very different story.

From a corner a chance fell to Sean, on for the injured Terry, and a bobbling ball was smacked just wide of the upright. Had that gone in the game was ours, unfortunately we seemed to visibly tire and got caught on the break more times than I care to remember. This resulted in a scrambled goal.

We pushed forward hoping to capitalise on some complacency, and had a large slice of the possession in their half but couldn''t find a finish.

In the last minute after a couple of long balls with Jez making some fine saves, the still lively, 16 year old made the mistake of thinking he could lick me for pace, and found my toe and his legs connected in the box. The penalty was scored, and it was 6.

Special mentions for Ben Jones, and John Silva on the right who pushed on tirelessly, Dan who seemed to cover a lot of ground and was unlucky with a couple of chances, George and Liam were a constant threat running at their defence.

If a settled side can be found there is plenty of ability to really move up the table (not like the Fourth teams of old). There are a few good youngsters and some decent old heads which should add up to a fairly good side.

Here''s hoping for 3 points next Saturday.