Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 26th October 2013

Club Langley
2 - 2
Second XI
Bill Webb, Lloyd Miller

By Luke Johnson

Two points dropped. Two cracking goals.

First dropped league points of the season, in a game that we would have won 99 times out of 100. We still can\'t play well for extended periods which is starting to get annoying, but this week we created more chances in 90 minutes than we have all season.

Club Langley weren\'t a bad side to be fair. They probably had more of the ball overall, especially in the first half.

Bill (obviously) opened the scoring with a lovely, curly, lobby number from the right hand corner of the box. From this point on I think we all believed it was going to be a stroll in the park.

I had to come off injured after about 30 minutes. This was clearly the turning point in the game as we were still 1 nil up. It is true that you can prove anything with statistics, but we haven\'t conceded a goal while I\'ve been playing since the first game of the season. Make of that what you will.

Their equaliser was ridiculously lucky. A shanked shot from the left landing on the head of their striker who looked more than a little bit offside.

Second half some changes were made, we looked far better and created some decent chances. Lloyd, on as a sub, cracked home his first of the season from about 70 yards. I\'ve told Bill it was a better strike than his \"Pele\" last week but he\'s having none of it.

Their equaliser was a bit farcical. The striker just wandered into the box and rounded Gibbo to score. We spurned a few chances to get back in front late on and felt a bit hard done by not to pick up all 3 points.

For the first time I had to co-manage with a bloke who is now in his 30\'s. For me, as someone still in his 20\'s, this was very strange. Happy birthday Ellis! We all went out and got quite drunky after, Nige making 2 trips outside of Farnborough Village in the same day, miraculous.

Dave had his Alice band on again. And then locked himself out of his house.

Ad decided not to bring the MOM trophy with him, even after Connor had told us all that he\'d reminded him. He didn\'t have time apparently, but did have time for a pre-match haircut. I would never put having a haircut above bringing the trophy, but that\'s just me.

As it\'s near the end of the month and we are all boracic we decided not to get any bookings for the second week on the trot.

MOM this week was Gibbo, who was different gear all game. And he\'s washing my towel for me, what a guy.

All in all not a bad point and still unbeaten in the league.

Yet another cup competition next week. I think this one is the Copa America or some such nonsense.

Lee Gibbs; Dave Martin, Lee Cross, Luke Johnson (Stu Lenton), Joe Slater (Rich Piles); Ad Ellson, Lou Hussey (Nigel Johnstone), George Belchamber; Russell Nethercot (Lloyd Miller), Bill Webb, Al Barnes (Errol Ahmed)

Man of the match: Lee Gibbs