Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 19th October 2013

Sevenoaks Cup
2nd round

Sutton Athletic Res.
0 - 1
Bill Webb

By Luke Johnson

Back to winning ways. On the world\'s biggest pitch.

More cup action this week, against a side who have been flying in the league above us.

We arrived to be greeted by a pitch where the two goals were probably in different postcodes, it made our bottom pitch look small. The playing surface was perfect, allowing us to look forward to some free flowing football. We weren\'t disappointed, in the first 15 the ball was being knocked around beautifully in midfield and defence. Unfortunately that was by the other side. That being said we defended well, and our midfield and forward 3 really put the yards in to close them down.

The breakthrough came midway through the half. Al Barnes put in a lovely cross from the left and Bill dispatched an acrobatic volley from 20 yards. It was easily the best goal I\'ve seen in a good few seasons, their 7ft keeper didn\'t even move.

This calmed us a little and we continued to defend well up to half time.

The second half followed the pattern of the first. The other side knocking it about nicely in midfield, but not really threatening Gibbo in goal. Meanwhile Ad Ellson, Stu Lenton and George Belchamber were putting in the yards in midfield, working tirelessly to win some important challenges and start a few attacks of our own.

The only time they got in behind us in the whole game we managed to pull out a combination of last ditch sliding tackles to deny 4 different players. Joe\'s especially was class, with the forward about to pull the trigger Joe crunched him with a massive tackle.

Our biggest let off came when their striker, who I\'d let of my pocket for 20 seconds, missed an open goal from 8 centimetres. I couldn\'t stop laughing.

Although we didn\'t create too much and had to defend for a lot of the game we ground out a very impressive win against a decent side.

Also after embarrassing scenes last week, we worked hard on keeping our discipline. The result was no bookings for the first time this season.

Special mention to the ref who was outstanding throughout.

Al Barnes turned into Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in the first half. Instead of crossing the ball, he decided to jump in the air and click his heels together. Really strange and very camp.

Dave Martin wore an Alice Band for the game. Again very camp.

Ad Ellson didn\'t take too kindly to Ellis trying to charge him 30 sobs for a larger tracksuit and promptly offered to \"punch him straight in the face\". Direct and to the point skip, excellent stuff.

Stu Lenton was so tired after the game I was worried he wouldn\'t manage the 20 yard walk to his car.

Ad Ellson was the unanimous MOM, picking up all the votes. We\'ve told his boy Connor that he has to take the trophy to school this week, he better not swap it for some Premier League stickers.

Back to the league next week. Still 2nd with a few in hand of most other sides.

Team - Lee Gibbs; Dave Martin (Rich Piles) Matt Reynolds, Luke Johnson, Rich Tapsfield (Lee Cross); Ad Ellson, George Belchamber, Stu Lenton; Al Barnes (Lou Hussey), Bill Webb, Joe Slater.

Man of the match: Adam Ellson