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Match Report

Saturday 21st September 2013

Kent Junior Cup B
Prelim. round

Second XI
Billy Webb 2
2 - 1
Seven Acre and Sidcup U21

By Luke Johnson


A feisty affair against a team of children in the cup, which we battled out to win deservedly.

First special mention of the day goes to myself, Russell and Taps for doing the line and not playing a single minute of football. The reason being that the lads on the pitch were immense. In a game where we struggled to play any kind of football at any point; we dug in and did the dirty stuff brilliantly.

Bill Webb scored both our goals, the second an unstoppable right, yes right, foot drive in off the bar. Lou Hussey supplying a 70 yard ball (maybe a bit less) to set him free. Lou made a great last ditch challenge late on, which was obviously given as a penalty. Even Couchy agreed it wasn\'t. I\'m not moaning about the ref tho, he gave us a match ball.

We kept it down to 4 bookings this week, which is a step in the right direction.

I don\'t remember too much of the game to be honest. The oppo played some lovely football and will be a top side in a few years.

Shout of the day has to go to Gibbo. When one of their supporters was asked to leave the touch line he returned in his jacket, hoping to go unnoticed. Gibbo promptly shouting out \"Who does he think he is, Andy McNab?\" Brilliant

Joe Slater won the stunning MOM trophy this week. Nige genuinely went home at half time to get it.

I bought RIPD off the DVD man after, don\'t bother watching it, it\'s terrible and has Russian subtitles.

Team - Don\'t remember

Man of the match: Joe Slater