Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 19th November 2005

Crofton Albion Res.
1 - 4
Third XI
Richard Tapsfield 3, Richard Coyne


A game that we needed to win, should win and could win...we won it..!

Following a good cup win (MOM Steve Viner) a good league win was essential to ensure our season did not end before Christmas. With the league so close behind Elite a win next week could move us into a really positive position.

With a really good mix between the more senior players and the younger guys (yes the Thirds does now have a nucleus of young blood) a good run could put us in a good position to go straight back up at the end of the season.

As we warmed up on the end of the pitch that was in the sun (good for the bones but not for getting used to the day''s conditions) asking if the pitch could take a stud after the night’s frost, we were surprised when we won the toss and opted to defend the end that had not yet seen a ray of sun all day.

So from the kick off we were more unsure on our feet than usual. The ground was hard and controlling the ball was going to be difficult, thus the ball was knocked about by Crofton and FOBG Thirds were 1-0 down within a couple of minutes. No real complaints, just a note that we must concentrate from the off as this becoming somewhat of an Achilles heel. We then looked to lock up shop for a while, and Mark Edwards in goal was kept mostly untroubled for the rest of the match.

We looked good going forward and safe at the back, and by half time had pulled a goal back. A ball forward from myself to Chris Viner was then passed onto Steve Viner (MOM from last week) and then onto Richard Coyne. He pushed forward, riding a couple of tackles as he went, moved the ball out of his feet and caressed the ball inside the keeper''s near post for our equaliser. Well taken and well deserved.

As half time approached Richard Tapsfield was becoming more frustrated by the defensive role he was doing due to Crofton’s attacking line up….or was it that Colin Brazier was pushing forward from his left back position and Todd Arnold was not marking. Thus leaving Paul Parsons, myself (Lee Sheppard) and a miserable Tapsfield to look after a lively Crofton front line (no problems with my defensive duo but adds to the Magic Tapsfield tale).

The second half started well and we looked to build the pressure as we had the advantage of kicking downhill.

Our second came from a Colin Brazier free kick which was pinging around the box until Richard Tapsfield slotted the ball into the back of the net. We needed to push on and kill the game off and for the second game in a row we did just that.

Chris Viner held the ball up well on the edge of the box and earned a free kick in a very good position. A less miserable Tapsfield picked up the ball and whacked in a good free kick that put us 3-1 up and pushing for more.

After a good 70 minutes Jack Harding was replaced, and Chris Viner moved back into left midfield. Ben Duffy moved upfront to partner Ben Tomkins.

We continued to push and a snap shot from Ben Duffy hit a Crofton arm and the referee gave a penalty. The penalty did seem a bit soft but we all shouted at the referee like a jug depended on it…!

The nominated penalty taker Ben Duffy understood as the rest of the team pushed the now less than miserable Tapsfield towards the penalty spot. Thanks Ben as we all thought that the jug was coming our way after the penalty was duly tucked away, but the now jubilant Tapsfield advised that he was off straight after the game to a fireworks display and was not available this week.

Well done on the HATTRICK Richard and we welcome you back on Saturday 3rd December…!

Mention for Joe Lipton for being a good team man as he had the flag all game.

Good game, good support within the team and the right result.

Special mention for Sara Viner as she has not been mentioned in a report for a while.