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Match Report

Saturday 15th December 2007

Second XI
Paul Tanton
1 - 3
Dresdner Kleinwort

By Sam Evans

A disappointing result against a team we should have beaten. We weren’t helped by a poor refereeing performance, nor did we get much luck, but ultimately we’re responsible for our own performance and today we simply weren’t good enough.

After a scrappy start, we were unlucky to concede the first goal. Richard Tapsfield appeared to be fouled as he jumped for a header and their striker nodded the ball into the channel. A Dresdner player was first to the ball and he beat Dan Ford with a good finish. We responded well, and drew level on the half hour. Daragh Nott made a good tackle in centre midfield before passing the ball to Dan Head. Dan made good progress before passing to Paul Tanton who finished from close range. We deserved to be level at half time but unfortunately conceded a goal just before the break. We gave the ball away in midfield and Dresdner hit us on the break, sliding a nice ball into their left winger who finished well again.

At half time we were determined to get ourselves back into the game, but we never created enough chances. However, we were dominating possession and were still within touching distance when Dresdner scored a great goal. Their centre forward dropped into the hole to receive the ball, turned and struck a dipping, swerving shot which Fordy could have done nothing about. This was very frustrating as I’m sure the guy couldn’t pull that shot off again if he played all day and all night, but it kind of summed up our day I guess. As we expected, we really dominated the last 20 minutes as Dresdner tired, but it was one of those days where you just sensed it wasn’t going to go our way.

Aaron Carpenter on the right, and Dave Martin on the left, both worked hard in midfield, Dave in particular who was mauled every time he got the ball and received very little protection from the referee. Defensively we worked hard, Paul Tanton cementing his relationship with man of the match Richard Davies, whose distribution was excellent was useful. It was also nice to see Jay Blay back from his adventures in Thailand, and Pete Morton had a decent performance at right back.

So all in all a disappointing result. On a lighter note I should mention that during the warm up Dave Martin pulled of The Best Bit Of Skill In The World……Ever!™ when he controlled a very high ball by flicking it from one foot deftly onto the other and then doing some kick ups. Can’t quite do it justice now, but those who witnessed it were impressed.

In terms of the league the League Tables are shown in our Fixture list at the top of the page. It doesn’t make pleasant reading, but it is worth noting that if we beat Beaverwood away on Saturday we will leapfrog them. It is very tight at the bottom, but this won’t last all season; the stronger teams will start to pull away and we need to make sure we are part of this group.

On a different note, Saturday is obviously the last game before Christmas so it will be nice to go out with a win, because otherwise we’ll have to wait two whole weeks for an opportunity to put it right. On a personal note I will miss the first two games of January whilst I am banned, so I’m particularly keen to be part of a victory on Saturday.

The final part of this match report is written by Danny, and concerns the one and only Dave Martin.

Quote of the week this week come courtesy of Mr Martin, Dave Martin''s dad and was said in the Clubhouse after Saturday''s game.

If you are all unfamiliar with the story, after the Second Team''s Christmas booze up last Saturday night up in Bromley, Dave Martin was found lying unconscious and horizontal on the kitchen floor at four in the morning by his father, whom had got up early to watch the Hatton fight. This was after Dave had struggled to let himself in a few hours earlier and who had managed to fall over outside whilst attempting to get his key in the lock and had hit his head on the family car parked on the drive. He had also left the front door wide open and all the lights on.

This story was recited again with much mirth Saturday and in Dave''s defence he proclaimed that he "wasn''t ill or anything", to which his old man replied "well you didn''t look too clever to me son!" Quality.

Dave takes a year off travelling come early January (don''t ask) and everyone in the Second team would like to wish him luck.

Good luck Dave!

Man of the match: Richard Davies