Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 24th February 2013


STC Sports Vets
1 - 2
Jim St John, John Delaney

By Gary Rosslee

Young Vets struggle to shake-off enforced winter break

So this was our first game since January 13th and on that particular Sunday morning we made the journey to Dartford in the freezing bitter cold winter weather too and somehow managed to scrape a draw against Princes Park in a match in which we were completely below par compared to our own high standards. Roll on 6 weeks later to our away match against STC Sports in New Eltham and some might say that I may be coming across as a tad brutal but this had to be the most dire, lacklustre performance I have ever seen from the Young Vets in the 5 years or so that I have been associated with them.

Sure it\'s easy to say, \"Oh this was our first game in 6 weeks\" or \"Oh the pitch was bobbly\" or \"Oh it was too cold\" but today was simply not good enough in all aspects. Right from the preparation before kick-off as we arrived at Ivor Grove in SE9 WITHOUT a kit to wear but thankfully some quick thinking meant that John Delaney’s son would kindly meet Danny Saines in the Bull\'s Head car park in Chislehurst with the kit to make “the drop” and rumour has it this was not the first “big bag\" exchange spotted in said car park this weekend!

The dressing rooms were cramped to say the least as the 15 players finally got changed and lined up as follows:

GK, Gary Rosslee
RB, Richard Davies
CB, Andy Cobham
CB, Paul Pailey
LB, Neil Connolly
LM, Matt Wright
CM, Danny Clark,
CM, Jim St John
RM, Ben Clunn
CF, Paul Tanton
CF, Barry Grainger


Simon Davies
Dean Wyatt
John Delaney
Danny Saines

With STC only having 10 players Danny Saines sportingly agreed to play the first half for the oppo, a first half in which Farnborough started off quite well in the first 5 minutes as they tried to come to terms with the bobbly pitch but eventually any football prowess or know-how they possessed appeared to desert them. More passes seemed to go to the opposition or completely astray as the first half failed to see a single chance at either end, the only highlight or lowlight however you look at it was a yellow card that was brandished to Jim St John for petulantly kicking an STC player, heated words might have been exchanged but it was still absolutely freezing cold in SE9!!

Half-time thankfully arrived and Ben Clunn swapped with Danny Saines and agreed to play for STC. Barry Grainger & Paul Tanton made way for a new look strike force in Simon Davies and John Delaney who was making his first appearance in a Farnborough shirt since October 21st 2012, a game in which he netted a hat-trick against Sanco Vets (it would have been nice just to have seen 3 attempts on goal today).

Moments after the restart Rosslee, an out and out spectator in the first half, nearly gifted STC with the opener as his misplaced pass to Richard Davies out wide found an advancing home player who knocked the ball back in towards the unguarded Farnborough goal but thankfully Andy Cobham was on hand and able to avert the immediate danger. Danny Clark registered Farnborough’s first effort on target but his shot was far too tame to trouble the keeper from 12 yards out when he had more time than he probably realised, this seemed to sum up Farnborough and was another example of a lack of communication within the team this morning!

STC somehow took the lead with the worst goal I think Farnborough have ever conceded, Danny Saines was easily beaten by his man on the right hand side and the midfielder crossed the ball to his centre forward who had Paul Bailey coming across to clear however miscommunication between Rosslee and Bailey meant the forward was able to jump unmarked but still connect with a completely mistimed/misjudged header that evaded Rosslee as it bounced downwards and through his standing legs! 1-0 STC, and heads held in embarrassment!

Ben Clunn clearly enjoyed the second half more then the first as he was a lot more involved in the match (albeit for the opposition) as he was on hand to clear a Farnborough effort off the line from a corner and then he nearly doubled the lead for his new found team mates but his effort was saved by Rosslee who in the process took the full force of Andy Cobham’s 9st frame landing on his foot, thankfully it was so cold the pain didn’t sink in till his feet eventually thawed out several hours later!!

With the game slowly slipping away along with the life of several spectators on the adjoining pitch Farnborough conjured up an equaliser and it was a screamer. Jim St John met the ball with the sweetest of volleys from outside the box that had both power and dip to ensure it made its way through the crowded penalty area but went in off the underside of the bar leaving the goalkeeper with no chance, 1-1.

Within 10 further painful minutes John Delaney then fashioned a goal for himself after Simon Davies played a neat lay-off on the edge of the box, and although John still had a lot to do he was able to hold off the last man and steer the ball past the despairing goalkeeper, although there was a hint of offside in the build up but Neil Connelly’s frame was frozen on the sidelines and therefore unable to raise his arm, 1-2 OBG’s.

The ref blew for full time and both teams trudged off knowing that neither side had played their part in in a game worth remembering, even the showers refused to play a part in today’s encounter as most of the OBG’s side made their way back to the Farnborough clubhouse to use their facilities.

Next week we start the first of our 3 home matches in a row and as it stands we are due to play Inter Vyagra Vets.

Shot of the match: Jim St John’s thunderbolt volley.

Save of the match: Ben Clunn’s clearance off the line (that’s as good as it gets)

Man of the match: Jim St John

Moan of the match: See match report - say no more!!

Man of the match: Jim St John