Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 20th October 2007

Second XI
Dan Head, Adam Benningfield, Bobby Moulson
3 - 4

By Paul Tanton

Mark Edwards continues the goalkeeping crisis at the club and drops out on Thursday/Friday with injury (probably out for 2 weeks). The Farnborough Panther (Matti Wright) volunteers to take the gloves. Terry Connor is also doubtful as he''s working in Hounslow.

Saturday morning and still no other dropouts. I phone Terry Connor and he was just leaving work at midday so I went with the team that Danny had given me. Rich Davies turned up as well (apparently he said he was available and had seen his name down in a newsletter. Unfortunately the newsletter was from 2 weeks ago and the curse of Vic''s computer well and truly strikes!!!!!!).

I write the team on the board and Mad Matt Gardiner calls everyone "names", especially Danny Saines. It was quite funny. Villagio, Mad Matt, Rich Davies and myself named as subs. I make Sam Evans captain as I''ve decided that northerners make good captains as they talk funny. Bobby Moulson and Dave Martin turn up late claiming to be unaware of the kick off time being brought forward, has Vic''s computer problem struck again??

We are just about to kick off and the ref asks for a teamsheet which I didn''t know existed in the SLA. Easily sorted as I charge around the club looking for the appropriate forms.

We kick off and the keep it tight instructions are totally ignored and after 3 minutes we go a goal down, courtesy of a poor pass in midfield and their player is allowed a free shot from the edge of the area which bobbles into the bottom corner.

Rich Davies who is running the line is the busiest man at the club as he''s waving his flag more than an air-traffic controller at Biggin Hill. The Bexlians forwards are constantly miles offside. Myself, Big Bennie and Mad Matt are involved in an exchange of views with a few Bexlians supporters who clearly don''t know the offside law.

Halfway through the half we equalise with a brilliant goal. Bobby Moulson volleys into the roof of the net Mark Hughes style after Peter Morton''s shot was well saved. The rest of the half is mainly Farnborough in charge but a minute before half-time, we allow their centre midfield to run from the halfway line unchallenged and round The Panther in goal to score, it was like the parting of the seas.

Apart from 2 lapses in concentration, at half-time we were still well in it.

The second half kicks off and Bexlians score again, the only time their centre forward was onside in the entire game probably the entire year, obviously he had the rules explained to him at half time. 3-1 down.

Straight away Dan Head pops up and taps in a rebound from Peter Morton''s shot. 3-2 down after another good move. We push forward the rest of the half showing tremendous attitude. Mad Matt replaces Morton, Villagio replaces Terry Connor who had a knock, and with a few minutes to go Adam Bennie heads home Dave Martin''s quality corner. 3-3 (YES GET IN THERE). However with 2 mins to go, a needless foul on one of their players and from the resulting free kick they score. 4-3 down. There was still time for us have a couple of chances at the end one of which when inches wide.

A tremendous attitude and committment from everyone and we deserved at least a point. If we play like this every week we will be comfortably mid-table. A good spirit and laugh in the bar afterwards as well and we even talk about arranging a night out (hopefully sorted out for a couple of weeks time).

Man of the Match was Adam Benningfield with 8 votes. Dan Head got 2. Terry Connor got 3 and Jay Blay and Mark Doyle got one each. Dave Martin got the kit. Myself and Rich didn''t get on. I think Rich got the hump. Sorry Rich.

Vic tells me we have lost a matchball that I thought didn''t exist as we constantly kept an eye on the match balls. However allegedly there was rogue matchball which was later found with the referee (what a surprise).

A most interesting day, by the way Matt Gardiner thinks Danny Saines is a ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!