Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 22nd October 2005

Borough United
4 - 2
First XI
Jamie Williams, Matt Wilson

By Shaun Keddle

Another poor performance from Farnborough''s so-called best 11 players.

Just a reminder lads; playing for Farnborough on Saturdays is a voluntary sport, we''re not being paid for it, it''s not like a day job that you''re obligated to do, we do this for fun and enjoyment and to win (although based on many of our performances this year, some players would rather be walking round the Glades shopping with their bird). It''s not that complicated; you turn up, you run your ass off for 90 minutes, you give 110%, you show desire and passion and the will to win, you talk to and encourage your team mates, you appeal for every decision, combine this with our technical ability and we will do well in this league. I would love to hear an opposing manager''s team talk before a game against us this season; "great, we are playing Farnborough today lads, put it up ''em in the first 10 minutes, clatter them a few times and they won''t want to know". Imagine the satisfaction the Borough United manager felt on Saturday?

Two positives from this game; two good goals, the first from Matt Wilson, a looping header to equalise after we had gone one down after 20 minutes and Jamie Williams'' second half solo effort, cutting in from the left flank to slot neatly past the keeper to again draw us level after going 2-1 down courtesy of a dubious penalty awarded by the youthful looking referee. At 2-2 it looked for about 3 minutes that we might grab the game by the scruff of the neck and go on to win but NO, our heads went down again and we allowed Borough to score 2 easy goals. FOBG lose 4-2, our 3rd defeat in the league this season, 4 including the cup and pitches haven''t even got muddy yet!

We need to improve quickly otherwise our season is in danger of going from bad to bloody awful. I actually played for the Sunday team at the weekend, we won 3-1, not because we were better technically than the opposition but because we showed a lot more desire and commitment. Adam Benningfield, Bodge, Andy Cobham, Jason Miller, Judgey and everyone else in the team working for each other, flying in to tackles and headers and appealing for every decision - great to see! Not everyone is to blame in the first team, there are a small group of you that show this level of desire - the others (and if you''re honest, you know who you are) are lacking in these areas and need to look in the mirror and ask themselves why are they playing for FOBG and do they really want to win? Or are they just going through the motions, not accepting responsibility for their role in the team and blaming others for their mistakes and lack of effort. So, to avoid another embarrassing match report let''s go out on Saturday and play to 110% of our ability, walk off the pitch knackered and get a good result.