Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 20th September 2009


Senior Vets
Paul Smith 2, Trevor Stewart
3 - 3
The Buff Vets
Barry Grainger 2 (1 pen.), Justin Shill

By Toby Manchip

The week began with us knowing that we would have 8 regulars missing either sunning themselves, children duties or under the surgeon’s knife. We were due to face Cudham United but a swift trip to the “battlecroozer” and a chat with the landlord of The Buff meant that the fixtures were switched with the oldies playing the pub team and the youngsters despatched to the Beaverwood Club to fulfil the Cudham fixture.

The sun shone and we managed to field 11 players and a substitute which was as follows ; Steve Palmer in goal , Trevor Stewart, Steve Blanchard, Colin Brazier, Chris Bourlet, Colin Ebdon, Paul Bell, Sinisa Gracanin, Toby Manchip, Paul Smith, Somerset - Tim Osbourne and Mick Ingram.

Once installed in the dressing room we had Victor’s team talk of “I’ve had 3,000 players through this dressing room and none of you are funny“ ringing in our ears. Trevor unveiled the new kit proudly bearing the name of his digital print firm called Pixel Colour Imaging. I must admit that the number 9 shirt that slid on me made me resemble a yellow lycra teletubbie!!

We had 2 new additions and one well known and worn face in Mr Brazier. The game began on the shrill of Mick Gearing's NEW whistle and battle commenced with FOBG having all the possession zipping it around at great pace which caused a problem for our young Somerset prodigy who claimed he was on the verge of throwing up his bacon roll causing him to leave the field for a breather?

Against the run of play Justin Shill of The Buff scored with a speculative drive from 25 yards and then dominated the game up to half time which came early as the (£2.99) ball got stuck in a tree.

During the half time break we had a lover's tiff between Colin E. and Smithy which resulted in orange peels being thrown.

We started the second half as we did the first and Trevor Pixel Stewart levelled with a toe punt from the edge of the area. They then went back in front when Steve Blanchard handled and they were awarded a harsh pen. which erstwhile Farnborough Vet Barry Grainger converted. Smithy then scored and then scored again to put us in front well assisted by Sinisa in midfield who does all the simple things well. Only enough time on the watch for Inspector B. to flick on a punt from their goalkeeper to the aforementioned Grainger who lobbed Steve to make it 3-3!!

A really good game played in the right spirit and we look forward to playing them again.

On returning to the dressing room Victor asked who had scored and upon receiving the answer began laughing saying the words “Trevor Stewart? Trevor Stewart? Trevor Stewart?? Doesn’t take long to forget who the sponsor is…

To next week...splendid!