Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 20th September 2009


Cudham Vets
6 - 4
Paul Tanton 2, Daragh Nott, George Kleanthous

By Gary Rosslee

Sorry for the delay of last weeks match report but I have been out and about this week with work which has taken me the length and breadth of the country. Oddly enough on a recent business trip to London I couldn’t help but notice one Toby (Lord Lucan) Harlow loitering around Soho …..And before you ask, I was in the vicinity purely on business!!

He explained he had just met the top brasses at the FA headquarters in Soho Square and that his recent absence at the FOBGC club was down to his new ‘Fixture Advisory Consultant’ position with Chelsea FC. I was keen to learn what that was all about, so I said to him ‘what’s that all about?’ It turns out he has been brought in change next seasons fixture list for Chelsea FC which moving forward would be based on them playing teams that they would stand more of a chance against over the season, helping them to pick up more points, involve less travel and install morale in (lets face it) quite an aging squad, and here is the best bit at any given notice period. Asked if he had any previous experience of this type of work before? He replied ‘he has just successfully implemented a similar pilot scheme for his second beloved team the FOBGFC older Vets for their 2009/10 fixture list!

Which leads me nicely onto our match on Sunday against the Buff, a team that had been resurrected from the flames and probably not played hardly any football together for a long time….er oh no, hang on a minute I meant a lean(ish) mean fighting machine known as Cudham who had just come off of the back of a 3-0 win over the Met Police, and are probably up there with the likes of Lloyds Golden oldies for ability or maybe even the “Blazing squad” who we played the week before!

We lined up as the following

Gary Rosslee– GK
Danny Saines - LB
Gary Bell - RB
Andy Cobham – CB
Neil Connelly – CB
George Kleanthous – LM
Rich Davies – CM
Daragh Nott – CM
Jason Miller – RB
Pete Harvey – CF
Paul Tanton – CF

Aaron Carpenter
Steve Watson

From the first Whistle Cudham made us feel as comfortable on the ball as an Al Jolson lookalike at Right wing convention! Daragh most notably feeling the brunt of 3 or 4 tough tackles that went unpunished. This meant that every time we had the ball, well we simply didn’t want it, and this played into Cudham’s hands and they were to take advantage. They had a few chances which led from good wing play or their centre Midfielders being given a lot of room to press forward unchallenged and without us closing them down.
They almost took the lead on 20 minutes with a powerful shot from 18 yards out which took a wicked deflection but was tipped around the post by the FOBG goalkeeper.

Cudham continued to press and scored almost identically form the shot which ad previously bean kept out but this time thrashed in through a group of players leaving the GK no chance 1-0 Cudham. Almost straight from the kick off we somehow drew level from an excellent almost (dare I say it) Benayoun finish from George K. 1-1, 30 minutes had gone and we had 2 goals in a minute! Then came a suicide 5 minutes of football from FOBGC, we conceded 3 goals all of which could have been avoided by better defending, more character, or stronger Goalkeepers wrists (perhaps those nights I used to go to bed with boxing gloves on really never did pay off mum!!) We went in at Half time despondent, gutted and shell-shocked as Cudham were not 4-1 better than us.

Second half kicked off and we conceded more or less straight away to go 5-1 down another shot the FOBGC had got his hands to but to no avail; a swivel shot 8 yards out from their CF who I think was chasing a hat trick by now. We then decided enough was enough and put on a second half display in between another soft Cudham goal (unmarked header direct from a corner) to play some simple excellent football we had made some tactical changes and Steve Watson had a solid game at Right back when he was called upon and Rich Davies made an excellent interim sweeper, although if I never see him playing there again it will be too soon!

We grabbed 3 more goals via the ever running Daragh Nott and a brace from Paul Tanton. The final whistle went and we had eventually lost 6-4 but our pride was restored as we won the second half 3-2, however after checking the FIFA rulings online at the time of writing this match report, unfortunately that doesn’t count although Toby (Lord Lucan) Harlow has been “earmarked” to try and implement that for his two beloved clubs for the 2010/11 season!!

On a lighter note we played some good football today in the second half and Cudham could not get near us, if we can continue to play the simple stuff and not try and force it or look for the Hollywood ball all of the time we should have a good game next Sunday at home (Subject to change) to Maidstone FC (subject to change) also if my wrists are a lot stronger on Sunday hopefully I can make a few more saves, and keep the ball out of the net. FYI I have already set myself a rigorous training regime for the rest of the week which I have named the 10 minute Freeview ;o)

MOM was Daragh Nott.

Also a big thank you to Corporal Gary, who filled in at short notice to help us out at Right back.