Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 23rd September 2007


Paul Parsons
1 - 9
Cudham Vets

By Roger French

Let''s not dwell on this game because let''s face it we do like to make things difficult for ourselves i.e. find the biggest pitch we can so Cudham can exploit loads of space, stand back and let them run as we know they can and let in a shed full of goals. Never mind, here is a video that sums it up really ....or can it? Bring on Maidstone! Still, thanks to Paul P and Colin B for improving things in the second half and of course for getting our one and only goal.


On a more positive note did anyone notice that we won last week and scored 7...yes SEVEN goals and even more remarkably Paul Smith scored 5 of them. I think it was decided that Paul deserved the Golden Boot for the season now. Can we play Erith again soon?

D:ream on.