Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 27th September 2008

Old Roan A
2 - 5
Third XI
Simon Davies 2, David Thompson 2, Ben Jones

By Paul Parsons

5-1 WIN, 5-2 WIN, 5-2 WIN, the results speak for themselves! However after a lot of pressure from the rest of the team, I am writing a report. I think this sums up how the team are playing at the moment. Pushing hard for a result (constantly asking me if I would do a report), not giving up when it doesn’t go our way (when I say no, they still ask me!), and believing as a team we will win (everyone asked me this week! OK, they ‘told’ me to do a report!).

All the players involved in the last three games have shown themselves to be more than competent on the ball, and willing to play for each other. This is so important in a team, the hard work on and off the ball is what has paid us dividends so far.

This week it was Old Roan that were on the end of the belief that FOBG Thirds have at the moment. Traditionally a team very similar in set up and style to us over the years, I felt this would be a good basis of how we might fair in the league this season. They are usually hard fought encounters with chances at both ends and usually a goal or two in it either way.

We started very well, with commitment up front from Simon Davies, creating pressure on the Old Roan back four. The midfield were calm and assured with clever interlinking play between the midfield of Jon Ware, Matt Gardiner, Josh Travers and the forward line including a very quick and skillful Dave Thompson. Piers Moss was always ready to snuff out the opposition’s midfield aspirations, and complemented another fine display from Josh. This teamwork was easily replicated at the back with a no nonsense approach from Jack Hopper, another of Paul Edd’s long list of tall, no compromising centre halves of the Terry Butcher school of defending (Luke Dunne and James Behagg from previous games being the others). All of whom I have played alongside and winced as they have challenged, and won convincingly, balls that really they had no chance of getting.

We were 1-0 up after a great finish from Dave Thompson inside the box, and 2-0 came our way quite easily from a cool finish with a side foot home to the keeper''s left from Simon Davies. Both goals were the result of excellent interplay down the flanks and accurate passing into the danger areas making it difficult to defend against. At the other end, Steve Viner was excellent in sweeping behind the back four and punching deep corners out of the area with aerial prowess. Both of our full backs in Colin Brazier and Micheal Seymour were keen to sweep, as both me and Jack took control of the nippy and strong forwards. Jon Ware sacrificed his attacking responsibilities for the good of the team on a number of occasions, tracking, tackling and beating in the air the influential number 10.

The second half we were keen to continue this good work, but were aware of the next goal being crucial. As Old Roan pushed forward, Michael Seymour became more and more outnumbered, but kept a cool head under so much pressure. Colin was vocal at the back to make sure everyone was picked up and the front two were chasing down everything. From this resulting pressure Simon scored a header from nought yards out at the back post after trickery from Jon Ware and Dave Thompson to get the cross over.

Three nil and we were flying, however Old Roan were still creating some decent chances but the back four held firm and made important challenges when necessary. Four nil was made by a cross cum shot from Ben Jones, who had replaced the hardworking John, and then Dave Thompson made it 5 after nipping in and an exquisite finish between defender and goalkeeper. Old Roan continued to exert pressure, with Jack and Simon both feeling the pace and exertion of the game, limping around the pitch, and no more subs on the line, unless you count Ivor, there were 10 minutes left before we capitulated. Two goals in quick succession from loopy crosses over the top of Steve allowed some renewed hope in the Old Roan camp, but it was too little too late, with a strong performance from the whole Thirds team in the first hour seeing us through to a good win and excellent overall performance.