Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 21st October 2007

Langley Park
2 - 1
Youth XI
James Keyworth

By Vince Wray

Everything that had been so impressive abut our play in previous weeks just wasn’t there today. This was a very evenly contested game throughout and we were always in contention but never did quite enough to equalise or win the game. I had the impression the lads played within themselves and almost did not believe that they could beat this team.

We got off to a decent start, Keyworth raced down the left flank and hit a cross-cum-shot that sailed over the keeper''s head into the roof of the net with just a few minutes on the clock. The opposition came back at us and just ten minutes later were level. Again we were guilty of some poor defending losing the first challenge in our box and the next the ball was only half cleared, they made a feeble shot on goal which beat Milner but Dale was there to clear off the line or so we thought. The referee awarded a goal when poorly positioned and decided to ignore his linesman who was better placed, for reasons only known to himself. We hadn’t defended crosses and high balls into the box very well at all, and in truth, this goal emanated from one of those.

We were still playing to an acceptable level but were limited to just one corner kick throughout the whole game. The rest of the half seemed to be a bit of a stalemate, both teams doing their best to carve out a chance. With just a few minutes of the half remaining we conceded again. Their number 3 playing in midfield was a constant menace to us, he burst through unchallenged onto a long throw in, however he was deep into our box at the far post a few yards from the touchline. Adams made an untimely challenge and there was no doubt it was a penalty which was duly despatched. 2-1 down at half time.

Now, ready for a Farnborough comeback? No. That’s how it stayed. They had some decent opportunities to stretch the lead, in truth, we tried but not hard enough to create something. Their keeper had to come out to smother Bridges through on goal, saved another with his legs and easily collected a header from O’Donoghue. That was about it.

Our passing radar was well off today, in my opinion the defence was constantly too deep and didn’t push up far enough to squeeze the play. The forwards weren’t able to hold the ball up long enough to allow them to do that. We were knocking the ball far too long to our front guys to give them the chance to hold the ball up (vicious circle). When we did have possession we wasted it far too often. We tried to close them down when in possession but not hard enough and we had some sloppy moments of defending in our own penalty box. It just simply was not an acceptable effort. The players are far better than what they gave today. Every player gave a performance that was below average, a 6/10 would have been the best mark for the team and any individual.

Now, we need to remember this and ensure there is no repeat, because we could easily have got a draw or a win out of this one had we played with all the ingredients that have been in the mix in recent games. Those ingredients were missing today. I’m sure it won’t be too long before we’re back with a win. Keep playing the short passing game lads and we will prevail.