Farnborough OBG FC
AC Wilgar
AC Wilgar




Manager: Mark Harrington

email: Mark.Harrington@shipownersclub.com; tel: 07876 252359.

League Table

Up to and including
Sunday 18th February 2018

In a league of our own!

P W D L F A GD Pts
17 12 0 5 75 36 39 36

Results Chart
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as at
Sunday 18th February 2018
Name Goals
Fines 28
Murphy 7
Davies 6
Mooney 6
Preston 5
Shippey 5
Mullen 4
Tanton 3
Wyatt 3
Own goals 2
Gasson 1
Grainger 1
Nott 1
Pearce F. 1
Redman 1
Titford 1

Results and Fixtures

Date H/A Opponents Comp.   Res. Scorers Report
Aug 20 No fixture -  
Aug 23 H Defiance Friendly L 1-3 Alan Fines Defiance(H) match report
Aug 27 No fixture -  
Sep 3 A Metrogas Vets Friendly L 2-5 Simon Davies, Alan Fines (pen.) Metrogas Vets(A) match report
Sep 10 A Wickham Park Vets Friendly L 2-5 Alan Fines, Jez Mooney Wickham Park Vets(A) match report
Sep 17 H Old Colfeians Vets Friendly W 6-3 Steve Shippey 2, Alan Fines 2 (1 pen.), Jon Redman, Simon Davies (pen.) Old Colfeians Vets(H) match report
Sep 24 H Orpington Vets Friendly W 1-0 Paul Tanton - 400th goal for FOBG Orpington Vets(H) match report
Oct 1 H John Roan Super Vets Friendly W 4-3 Alan Fines 2 (1 pen.), Rob Mullen, Daragh Nott John Roan Super Vets(H) match report
Oct 8 H Lads of the Village Vets Friendly W 5-1 Dean Murphy 2 (1 Pen), Alan Fines, Dean Wyatt, Steve Shippey Lads of the Village Vets(H) match report
Oct 15 A Old Colfeians Vets Friendly W 7-1 Alan Fines 2 (1 pen.), Rob Mullen 2, Damien Preston, Jez Mooney, Dean Murphy (pen.) Old Colfeians Vets(A) match report
Oct 22 A Sanatogen Vets Friendly W 6-0 Jez Mooney 2, Alan Fines 2, Dean Murphy, Frank Pearce (pen) Sanatogen Vets(A) match report
Oct 29 H Baltic Vets Friendly P-P Baltic could not field a team.  
Nov 5 A Riverside Wanderers Friendly W 5-0 Alan Fines 3 (1 pen.), Simon Davies, Damien Preston Riverside Wanderers(A) match report
Nov 12 A AFC Greenwich Vets Friendly W 8-0 Alan Fines 3, Jon Gasson, Damien Preston, Jez Mooney, Rob Mullen, Simon Davies AFC Greenwich Vets(A) match report
Nov 19 H Toby Vets Friendly W 8-2 Alan Fines 3, Simon Davies 2, Steve Shippey 2, Damien Preston Toby Vets(H) match report
Nov 26 No fixture -  
Dec 3 A Midland Bank Vets Friendly W 3-2 Alan Fines 2, Paul Tanton Midland Bank Vets(A) match report
Dec 10 A Santos Vets Friendly P-P Snow  
Dec 17 A Orpington Vets Friendly W 10-1 Alan Fines 3 (2 pens), Dean Wyatt 2, OG 2, Dean Murphy, Barry Grainger, Paul Tanton Orpington Vets(A) match report
Dec 24 No fixture -  
Dec 31 No fixture -  
Jan 7 A Lads of the Village Vets Friendly L 3-4 Dean Murphy 2, Jez Mooney Lads of the Village Vets(A) match report
Jan 14 H Charlton Rangers Vets Friendly L 0-4 Charlton Rangers Vets(H) match report
Jan 21 H Orpington Vets Friendly P-P Waterlogged pitch  
Jan 28 H Sanatogen Vets Friendly P-P Waterlogged pitch  
Feb 4 A Baltic Vets Friendly P-P Waterlogged pitch  
Feb 11 A Riverside Wanderers Friendly P-P Waterlogged pitch  
Feb 18 A STC Sports Vets Friendly W 4-2 Alan Fines 2, Jamie Titford, Damien Preston STC Sports Vets(A) match report
Feb 25 John Roan Vets Friendly -  
Mar 4 H STC Sports Vets Friendly -  
Mar 11 To be advised -  
Mar 18 A Farleigh Vets Friendly -  
Mar 25 H Farleigh Vets Friendly -  
Apr 1 A John Roan Vets Friendly -  
Apr 8 A Glendale Vets Friendly -  
Apr 15 H Charlton Rangers Vets Friendly -  
Apr 22 H Metrogas Vets Friendly -  
Apr 29 A Midland Bank Vets Friendly -  
May 6 A FOBG Senior Vets Friendly -