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AC Wilgar
AC Wilgar

Match Report

Saturday 23rd September 2006

Fourth XI
Chris Viner, Michael Seymour, Stewart Copeland, Steve Viner
4 - 1
Latter Day Saints


Well I don’t really know what to say. I was expecting a Latter Day Saints who finished 2nd last season and remained in the division out of choice; but was I wrong, a team turned up with a ‘goalkeeper’ who looked like a supporter standing in.

So after our warm up and a wait for their late player who strolled to the pitch, I think looking for the beach we were ready to go. With Ivor Swatton back between the sticks we lined up 4-4-2 with Steve Blanchard, Rob Weekly, Colin Brazier and Joe Lipton along the back, Stewart Copeland, Steve & Chris Viner, and Peter Morton in midfield with the two youngsters of Paul Edwards and Michael Seymour up top. Starting sub was Tom Hughes.

With the game underway we had the best of the early exchanges looking good going forward and solid defensively. Latter Day Saints didn’t create much but had two very good attempts which were more than matched by Ivor. We kept pressing only really being held back by some very over eager front men who gave the lino the chance to flag offside time and time again, but it was only looked a matter of time till we broke the trap. We did, with a good pass through the middle it left Chris and Paul to chase and when the person in goal failed to collect from the challenge by Paul the ball fell nicely to Chris who kept his composure and slide the ball into a empty net. Time for Rob to have his first injury of the season (well it was only a matter of time), so that gave Tom his chance to impress down the right with Peter dropping into defence.

Our 2nd goal came from a pass rather than a shot from the edge of the box towards the person in goal who couldn’t handle the pace and spilled the ball into the path of an onrushing Michael, nicely anticipated. 2 – 0 and after a blatant penalty decision never went our way it was half time and time for Steve to ask the ref what his reasons were for not giving the penalty.

So after some wise words from Des saying we didn’t need to press too much and to play safe we went out for the second half. As the half went on we got caught a couple of times on the break but our solid defence made sure no harm came. We got a 3rd after a good ball down the line from Peter found its way to my feet, with no one in my way I ran towards goal and calmly side footed the ball inside the near post (OK misplaced my shot near post). The fourth goal came soon after from a corner which was again dropped from the Latter Day Saints person in goal landed at the predator Steve’s feet who DOESN’T miss from two yards. 4-0 and the game was won. All to do now was to keep another clean sheet but with some (my) fitness levels showing, Latter Day Saints were looking good, with their ''get the ball to our best player'' tactic, and after the ref wouldn’t stop play for my loose laces I got my revenge by taking a player down on the edge of our box.

This is where things got confusing: firstly the free kick ended up in the back of the net but after a long discussion between the ref and our lino (none other than Des) it was somehow given offside. And even stranger after Peter let a rocket fly from 20 yards heading top corner the Latter Day Saints (he deserves ''keeper'' for this one) somehow got a hand to the ball and tipped it over. They did get a goal from a corner and a goalmouth scramble ended up in the goal.

So 4 -1 it finished and another good performance. The back four were solid through out. Our midfield didn’t stop running contesting for every ball, and the top men looked sharp if not too sharp at some points.

Same again next week lads.