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Match Report

Saturday 13th February 2010

First XI
0 - 0
Wickham Park

By Shaun Keddle

Guild Rue Missed Chances

Two perfectly good but disallowed goals, a string of bad luck, good goalkeeping by Gibbs and poor finishing were the factors that contributed to the Guild dropping two points.

In a weekend when Farnborough desperately sought three points to keep in touch with the leading pack, the Guild failed to convert a string of excellent chances and have only themselves to blame.

Again the pitch looked decent despite nature’s best efforts to ruin it and the Guild welcomed a return to league action after a 9 week lay off.

Right from the start we dominated the game and it was clear that Wickham Park with a new manager had a game plan to stick to and would be happy to get anything from the fixture. In the opening exchanges the Guild forced a corner which was whipped in by Williams J on the left hand side. Gibbs, the Wickham No.1 came for the ball and went over the top of a stationary Cleaver and the ball went in off a Wickham defender. No complaints from the Wickham team, but the referee somehow saw an infringement on the keeper. We all know that keepers are far too overprotected nowadays. A clear goal denied.

Further chances came and went as the Guild dominated and worked the Wickham defence and midfield with the Wickham forwards being virtual spectators. Wray hit the post with a well struck curling effort and the crossbar was grazed from a Perkins header. Judge had an effort scrambled from the line and another header found its way into the keeper's arms when it should have been the net. It only appeared a matter of time before the Guild would score.

At the other end a good fast break by Wickham could have seen them go ahead against the run of play but the angle was tight for the Wickham striker and the effort went awry.

Just before the half, the Guild had a golden chance to go ahead, but with the goal at his mercy Williams L failed to convert from a close range.

The Guild went into the half playing some brilliant football, but frustrated by the lack of goals, despite a number of good chances.

At the half we spoke about finishing and dying for the cause. Our general play was exceptional and you could not wish for a more one sided match. At the back we had full control and look composed.

The second half started and we were encamped for the entire half in Wickham’s territory. We had the ball in the net courtesy of a Williams L header but again the goal was disallowed, this time for a very harsh offside that never was.

The mounting pressure on the Wickham goal became more severe as Wickham started to tire. Again the post was struck and Cleaver saw an effort trickle past the post when it should have found the net and a stunning save by Gibbs saw Kendall denied from a few yards out. A Williams looping header was narrowly sent over the bar.

However, time was against us and the Guild was left very frustrated at the final whistle and unbelievably no goals for their superior efforts. Wickham on the other hand was more than delighted with a hard earned but lucky point. We huffed and puffed but could not blow Wickham’s house down.

Lack of goals is our problem. Defensively we are sound and we are the meanest team in the league and we sure do create lots of opportunities. Our forwards work very hard but we need to add a ruthlessness and thinking to our work ethic and get our confidence back. Early season we were scoring goals for fun and these have dried up of recent times. This is something that we all have to address and if we have any aspirations to progress, then we must improve.

Biased officiating in the shape of linesmen is a major concern for the league outside of the Premier division. However, we have to earn the right to play in that division to eliminate this problem. Personally, I would much sooner see no linesmen at all, but we have to put up with this as it is and look at ourselves first before we point the finger elsewhere.

Next week we have our long awaited Q/F against local rivals Chipstead and we must find our scoring boots if we have any aspirations of progressing into the semi finals, where we have a home tie.

Farnborough: 1. Mumford; 2.Warren; 3.Judge; 4.Elliott; 5.Davis; 6.Travers; 7.Williams J; 8. Perkins; 9.Williams L; 10. Cleaver; 11. Wray
Subs: 12.Stevens for 10.Cleaver; 13. Kendall for 6. Travers; 14. Connor for 11. Wray
Sub not used: 15. Mace

Wickham Park: 1.Gibbs; 2. Smith; 3. Ward; 4. Kaye; 5. Hollingsworth; 14. Goulbourne; 7. Tidham; 8. Foster; 9. Oosterling; 10.Brewer; 11. Reddy
Subs Not Used: 12.Glover

Referee: Mr Ryan Whitaker

Man of the match: TBA