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Match Report

Saturday 17th October 2009

Old Colfeians 'A'
3 - 2
Fourth XI
Chris Landy 2

By Chee-Yong Lee

This was the first game of the rest of the season without cup matches as we crashed out of our last cup competition last week to Old Addeyans. So as Des was still not back it was up to Mark Edwards to pick the team again, with 3 new players in the team. So the line-up was:

GK: Mark Edwards;
Back four: Michael Seymour (RB), Colin Brazier (LB), Ben Jones and Charlie Matthews (CB);
Midfield: Chee-Yong Lee (RM), Kane Valdes (LM) Tom Smart and Tony Maillerdet (CM);
Strikers: Chris Landy and Danny Evans

Subs: Jack Howard, Sandeep Gurung and Ashley Johns

Straight from the kick off the Fourths had a half chance as Chris Landy took a shot into the side-netting from outside the area. FOBG were doing well and seemed to be the team on top and looked the more likely to score. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case as Old Colfeians took the lead with a looping effort that fell underneath the bar and into the back of the net. FOBG knew all they had to do is to keep the ball on the floor as they weren’t going to beat Old Colfeians aerially.

Having said that FOBG were conceding corners and from one corner Mark Edwards pulled off a brilliant save from a volley from about 12 yards out but Old Colfeians eventually took advantage of their aerial advantage as three Old Colfeians players bundled the ball in the net between them at the front post.

At half-time a substitution was made as debutant Sandeep came on for Colin Brazier at LB. So on with the second half Old Colfeians were still playing the high ball as they had the aerial advantage. But FOBG were managing to keep the ball on the floor when they had it. Then there was a half chance for Kane Valdes as Chris Landy battled well and produced a very good overhead kick into the box which Kane Valdes chested onto his left foot and struck it just over the bar.
The goal FOBG needed finally came as there was a good bit of skill down the right in his own half by Chee-Yong Lee, who then played it off to Tony Maillerdet just past the halfway line, who in turn played a great ball through for Chris Landy who scored with a good finish across the keeper.

FOBG started to push forward and look for the important equaliser, but then FOBG conceded an unfortunate and well taken own goal on the half volley. So then Ashley came on for injured Tom and slotted straight into CM, also some time later again a straight swap was Jack Howard on for Chee-Yong Lee. Then the second goal from FOBG came as the ball was lofted back over the top and was left by Danny Evans, who was offside, and this allowed Chris Landy to race onto it and catch the keeper off his line with a great lob. So game on again and that crucial equaliser almost came as Danny Evans took the ball down and turned all in one move to get away from the CB and he was in but was taken out by the manager/CB for Old Colfeians, who was sent off for the last man but this was harsh as it seemed there was a player coming across to cover. The resulting free-kick hit the wall from Kane Valdes.

Old Colfeians did have a few chances themselves but were denied by the defence and keeper.

So it finished with another loss for the Fourths this season, who are still yet to record a win. Close match though.

Reporter's Man of the Match: Chris Landy