Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 17th October 1993

Sunday XI
Neil Connelly, Paul Bailey, Gary Hockburn, Neil Porter (pen.)
4 - 3

By Shaun Keddle

Well it's finally arrived Keith "Biro Refill" Soilleux's first league victory. The old guard was draughted in, Glyn Farrell, Dave
"Bloater" Bandell and Lanky Bradford strengthened up the rear and the long awaited reappearance of "the Geezer" Gary Hockborn with his power and ability to wind up the whole opposition. He was partnered by the Ming (and his silly hat).

We started off well but found ourselves two down after 15 minutes. But a stunning ball hit by Cabbage Connelly and a neat
finish from Bodger brought us level at half time.

During the interval nothing was said about my open goal miss, so I won't mention it. But the now legendary Paul Storkey Phantom -Fall- Over Gala contines with some quite magnificent collapses for no apparent reason. Storkey could be described as an "Anti Weeble". He does Wobble and does fall down".

Ten minutes into the restart and we found ourselves 3-2 down, but persistence and competiveness continued and a good run with a cheeky finish from the Geezer brought us level. With about ten minutes to go the Geezer collected an Oscar for a continental dive while fat-bloke Porter collected the honours from the spot kick. A few good stops from little legs towards the end kept the scoreline in our favour. Good victory and all round performance. 

A couple of points can be brought up about the match, firstly our heads never dropped (including Mr Connelly) and a great team spirit always wins the day, but our team communications must be improved (C'mon Skip).

Team selection throughout the season will be tough as I found out (hint, hint, hint). But never lose your patience for Management selections, in all teams it will be tough (and if you have'nt got the Clich touch).

The team talk from Steve "Grandpa Chopper" Mann helped a great deal, as well as the supporters, so please come again and Andy "Mr Muffin" Harrold must be saluted for his roll as (rub-a-dub).

Reporter: Shaun Keddle (Ming the merciless in your face).

Secretarial Note: Ming's faxed report was almost indecipherable, but hopefully you will all understand and enjoy the edited report.