Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 6th November 1993

Bexley Hospital
2 - 3
Third XI
Paul Eddleston, Karl Queiros, Dave Sexton


When the tough get going the Thirds start playing"... Yes folks we're back to winning ways with a resolute display of commitment. The second half brought out a bit of character, that hitherto had been lacking in our play. The reason why it got tough?

Ask Kevin Wolstencroft. Suffice to say Kev, you let yourself down, the team etc. etc. Don't spoil it son, hopefully your bigger than Saturday would have us believe.

Apart from Kevin's early bath, the Thirds were up against a pretty strong Bexley team, who had a lot of life up front and pressed fairly hard for most of the first half. They went a goal up early, before we had finished out warm up, this seems to be carried over from last season, we don't think about starting until twenty minutes into the game. Anyway we finally got going, and once again when we played the ball on the deck we started looking good. Karl Queiros scored the equaliser right on half time with a good weaving run and shot under the keeper. It was 1-1 at half time and we were in much better shape.

The second half saw some spirited performances from Steve Viner, (nice to have him back) and likewise Rob Hall, who reluctantly, almost grudgingly accepts praise. The fact is after Kevin left early on, we all got stuck in - went 2-1 up with another goal from Paul Eddle and things were looking good. Due to slack marking and a missed clearance they made it 2-2 and momentarily a few heads went down. There were twenty minutes left and the disadvantage of one player down might have broken us, but we kept playing for one another - which is the first time it has happened this season. The winner was a sight to behold - Dave Sexton on his return to the Thirds, the glue still drying from his knee op’ volleys in from the edge of the box as the ball came out from a corner. A better timed stroke of the ball you will not see all season; nice one.

I think Karl got Man of the Match, but it's well done to everyone for knuckling down and working for each other when the chips were down, and still playing football at times as well. Well done guys - and don't forget - you're allowed to play as a team from the kick-off and with eleven players.

See you on Saturday.

A second take on the game

Things aren't what they used to be. People squabbling over the right to play in the "Third Eleven"! Yes team selection is getting very tough at the moment. So much so in fact that one Team Manager, who shall remain nameless; turned up on Saturday looking decidely worse for wear. This does for team morale what "Keith Soilleux's
physique" does for body building. Dont do it again Des (Oops Sorry).

To the game. Bexley looked keen, they fancied it! In contrast Farnborough looked a motley crew, but appearances can be deceptive (not in Nigel King's case though) cos the "chaps" came back from 0-1 defecit to win 3-2. The turning point came when "Pompey" accidently felled their best player, who subsequently had to go off. Unfortunately so did Kev! I have'nt heard the Ref called one of those for ages!.....

1-0 down, a minute before half time, Karl Queiros scored a well earned goal in an impressive performance to equalise. The "Rooster" then made it 2-1 with a "fierce" left foot shot which I guessed crossed the line, but as usual I was nowhere near that end. Bexley came back and made it 2-2 to set up an exciting last 10-15 minutes.

2 minutes from time Dave Sexton scored a beauty to wrap up the points. The Ref blew up, the crowd cheered and we all lived happily ever after!

Good performances from all, but a special mention to "Ol' Man Viner" (Vets come and take him away!) who bought me a drink after the game and Karl (never stopped running) Queiros........who didn't!