Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 9th October 1993

Blackheath Wanderers Res.
0 - 2
Third XI
Nick Waller, Keith Harvey


Last Saturday I witnessed the best 3rd team performance for many a year. It was also the 1st game I've not played in for 3 years, the clues are there lads! Still one fat bastard can soon be replaced by another and who fits the bill? None other than the great, (always) late, overweight Nick "Twelve Bellies" Waller. Nick mysteriously arrived early for a game for the first time in years. I found out later why, Blackheath have a nice bar, so Nick could indulge in a couple of pints before the game. What a Pro, what a fat bastard.

On the pitch, once again he's linked up with his old bosom buddy, Paul Ed., the partnership is still as lethal as it was 15 years ago, except these days the hair is going and the stomachs hang over the shorts, but watching them play football the way it should be played is a joy to behold (different class kids). On Saturday they were supported by a team whose unbeaten league run is now 21 matches.

The confidence is high and whoever comes into the team performs well demonstrating the current strength throughout the Club. Mark Young and Karl Queiros were outstanding in their first games for the 3rds, whilst the "Old Gits" such as Steve Viner, Glyn Farrell, Nigel King, Mick Haywood & ‘Man of the Match‘ Kevin "Victor Meldrew" Wolstencroft would provide a great backbone to any team. Keith Harvey "almost an old git" played well scoring one and flicking on another for "twelve bellies". While subs Paul Roots and Stuart Bullard showed good skills when they came on to make poor old Des Fallon's selection headache even worse. I almost forgot to mention my old mate between the sticks Gary "Crimewatch Photofit" Easton who kept yet another clean sheet. Bravery is his best quality, he never thinks twice about diving at an opponent's feet, mind you with his looks he's got nothing to lose.

Enough insults, well played again lads and remember if you get dropped, tough!