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Saturday 26th March 1994

First XI
Paul Tanton 4, Terry Barber 3, Neil Connelly
8 - 0
Middle Park


Well here it is!! At last a match report for the First XI by someone other than the Manager, but if you think I'm going into great details about the goals, major incidents, etc. etc....forget it!

This is BACK TO BASICS we won 8 - 0, collected two points, end of story. Oh didn't I say I would mention everyone who passed to me, .......... well thanks to:- Martin, Mark, Daves., Couch, Bodge (from a corner), Dave G., Neil 7, Geoff? and Gary? I give the last three the benefit of the doubt. You all played tremendously well, and lets hope you can all keep it up. Two players who didn't play ball with me were Paul Tanton and Terry Barber, (mind you who does Terry pass to?) these two selfish so and so's just seemed content in smashing the ball into the net (Tant 4, Terry 3) a very strange habit, still as a bit of a goalscorer myself, l can see there is some sort of satisfaction to be had from this. 

Getting back to the game, we started with just the right attitude, dictating our game on the opposition, and it wasn't long before we went 1 - 0 up through Tant, we kept pressing and created several chances throughout the half, but had to be content with 1 - 0 at half time. One black spot was the addition of Geoff to our long list of injuries, although he thinks he'll be available for our next fixture. 

Middle Park started the second half with a bit of a spurt, however it was not long before we were back in control and extending the lead, our cause was further helped by the dismissal of two of the opposition's players. This for some strange reason prompted them to have even more players up front, leaving huge holes in their defence. So huge in fact that even deputy Secretary Connelly managed to score, the same Neil Connelly that on the Tuesday before the game, had attended and failed miserably at the Dave Sexton academy for young "Shooters" (The star shooter that evening was unfortunately languishing at the back on Saturday), the game then went on to its inevitable conclusion with the Guild First's running out 8 - 0 winners.

A very good perlormance especially in the first half, against a team we had previously lost to earlier in the season. Seven games to go and only seven wins required for the Championship, may sound a tall order, but when you've been in with the likes of Westerham, Otford, Sevenoaks and Sangley and more than held your own if not beaten them, then River Plate, Drummond, Bickley, etc., etc., sounds a doddle in comparison. All we need is a bit of belief in our own abilities. Have a good look around the changing rooms even with all our injuries we are such a very good side, and only people that can stop us winning is ourselves. Let's not let that happen, to underachieve is the cardinal sin! 

Sometime in May :- SLA DIVISION ONE 
FARNBOROUGH OBG P20 W13 D4 L3 F83 A30 PTS30 POS. 1st