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Match Report

Saturday 6th October 2007

Barry Bundock West Kent Challenge Shield
1st round

Bromleians Sports
2 - 0
First XI

By Shaun Keddle

Beaten by a better team on the day.

No complaints this week. On this day we just did not perform to the required standard. We huffed and puffed and tried quite hard but did not pass the ball well or create enough opportunities. We had an opportunity to test our strengths against higher placed opposition and we did not take that opportunity. Yes, we had a number of quality players missing from the line-up but the team on show should have performed better than we did.

A number of forced changes this week meant that both the Williams boys, Davis and Miller were on the bench. At the same time as them warming the bench it gave opportunities for the starting eleven to try and cement their places for next week’s top-of-the-table clash. In short, these opportunities were not taken.

The match started okay for us with Head coming close in the opening exchanges. After that, the half pretty much belonged to Sports who looked fit, fast and mobile on the break. An indication of this was within the first 10 minutes where they got plenty of numbers forward and should have taken advantage of the mathematics. Sports closed us down quickly and gave us no time to play and really forced our first touch and forced us into errors. After twenty minutes Sports took the lead with a very fortuitous goal – an off target shot was deflected by the centre forward and after a wicked spin found its way into our net. Yes, it was lucky but you earn your luck in this game and Sports deserved the lead.

Within 10 minutes Sports doubled their lead after Guild players appeared to concentrate more on kicking their opponents rather then the ball. Sports rose above this and played good one and two touch football through us and finished high into the net at the far post. The last 15 minutes of the half still saw the Guild struggle to get their passing game going.

After a bit of a rollicking, Guild improved in the second half but failed to break down the mean and resolute defending of Sports who really showed us how to defend a lead. I think we really tried in to the second half but were frustrated by a knowledgeable side that made us look a little naïve at times. In the closing minutes we may have nicked a consolation goal but the effort from Cooke, J after he pressured the defence and keeper rolled narrowly wide.

In all honesty I am not too fussed about the result but I am fussed about the performance. The priority this season is to get promoted. I already took the decision to omit ourselves from the Kent Cup and now we are out of this cup too. This fully allows us to ‘concentrate on the league’ as all good managers say at least once every season. The way we performed as a team also allows me to rotate the side accordingly ahead of Saturday’s game and nobody should have any complaints.

Man of the match was Colin Judge by a long way, grabbing 14 out of 17 votes. Judge never gave up and kept encouraging throughout this fixture and his effort and commitment was appreciated all round.

This week we will need to up our efforts, concentrate on our passing and not dwell on the ball. It’s a big game, with the winner coming out top of the league. This week will see the return of Davis and both the Williams boys (provided they train of course!) to bolster things and I have a fully fit and ready squad. Be prepared and lets put this week behind us.

PS Best of luck to Sports in the next round, they were excellent hosts and a pleasure to compete against. Also thanks to Katie and the bar staff for the food.

Farnborough: 1. St John (GK); 2. Small (RB); 3. Cleaver, L (LB) 4. Cooke, R (CB) 5. Judge © (CB); 6. Roots (CM); 7. McKeown (RM) 8. Perkins (CM) 9. Head (CF) 10. Cooke, J (CF) 11. Cleaver, B (LM)
Subs: 13. Williams, J for 9. Head; 15. Miller for 3. Cleaver, L
Subs not used: 14. Williams, L; 12. Davis

Bromleians Sports: 1. O’Hara; 3. Walker; 4. McKenzie; 5. Comerford; 6. Ashworth; 7. Louch 8. Boyer; 9. Gyamfi; 11. Bailey; 14. Keroma

Subs: 15. Addo; 21. Hyland; 18. Clifton