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Match Report

Sunday 4th October 2020


Lads of the Village Vets
1 - 8
Steve Shippey 3, Matt Kerby 2, Sean Blackwell, Dean Murphy, OG

By Mark Harrington

The Brothers Grim…

So if you are familiar with this fairy tale you’ll know it is about two con artist brothers who are hired to kill the ghost whilst having to go through a magical place where the trees reach out and grab you. So very much like playing at Stone Rec when your wing pass can end up stuck in a branch. So the brave duo for the Guild were brothers Gasson. Jon keeps telling me that Jay is the older of the two but I’ve yet to see any evidence this is true. Another fairy tale methinks and more on the Gassons in due course.

So the week’s downpour has no doubt put off many a game this weekend and Tant really played a masterstroke in reversing this fixture to away as our pitch was not playable. Normally we experience a nice cold January at Stone Rec but this was replaced with many a conker on the playing surface; however the surface was untouched by the weather and in excellent condition. Our seniors had unfortunately had to cancel their fixture, firstly when they didn’t have a pitch but we came to the rescue and then, the opposition didn’t fancy a bit of mud on the way home, a consequence of the current COVID restrictions on dressing rooms. A convenient excuse methinks as surely you know it can be wet and unfortunately meant three of the young Vets, who were out on loan, didn’t get a game. Alan was injured and a few away but we still had 22 available for selection.

We arrived in good time and could immediately see the opposition were having problems with numbers and they asked if we could donate a player. There was an awkward silence with the usual tumbleweed moment but after a chat, Jay Gasson stepped forward to assist our opposition. As it turned out, it gave Jay vital minutes of action and got the fitness up and our opposition were very appreciative.

We did not start well and LOTV actually placed the better football in the early exchanges. Gradually it started to click and from a through ball, Steve Shippey got the first of his three goals. Not long after, Sean Blackwell scored the goal of the game. The lead up was one touch football between Sean, Dean, Si and Kerbs and Dean’s right wing cross was powerfully hit on the half volley by Sean and into the right side of the goal. Matt Kerbs was then through to side-foot us three up after 20 minutes, which is how it remained until half-time. Our hosts had cleared their heads after the third goal, a few reinforcements had appeared and it was an even contest for the remainder of the half. Usual 30 minute subs saw Robin being replaced by yours truly and Mark Fisher entering the midfield for Si Davies.

Dean Murphy’s wing play was again causing problems and it was not long into the half when his cross was side-footed in by the unfortunate centre half. Deano then scored an excellent goal of his own, shooting from a tight angle, it beat the keeper but none of us celebrated as it looked like side netting. I think none of us really thought Dean could score from there to be honest! A great finish and a goal Dean’s play deserved. Robin then re-entered the play and Jon Gasson made way. Jon threw the armband at me that’s how cheap it is becoming although, it nearly hit Dean and Neil on the back of the head before I put it on. So this is where it got unusual, Jon Gasson appeared and joined his brother on the opposition team (he’s never getting that armband back now the turncoat) the ref then changed and played for the opposition and the new ref could hardly walk, which if we could, he would have seen the goal our opposition scored was miles offside but if you choose to not have a lino then you run the risk and their forward ran through and put past Gary.

Shipps side-footed his second and then completed his hat-trick with a header from a few yards out and Kerbs put the gloss on another good performance with our eighth and his second. In truth, we probably could and should have scored more but that would have been harsh on our hosts as despite the problems with injuries and short numbers, battled brilliantly for the entire 90 minutes. Much of our good work came from the right but there was plenty of space out left and Joe and Chris Morris made the most of it with both creating excellent opportunities with crosses.

So the brothers Gasson did not slay the ghost, the pitch was not a Stone wreck and we increased our goals for to 30 with only 3 conceded. Seems our resident stato has the goals for Shipps and Kerbs one less each, unless Alan has taken over the counting during his injury! Shipps should have 9 and Kerbs 7. Both are keen to see the website updated.

Shipps was a deserved MOM with 9 votes, Deano 4, Joe and Gary one obtaining one. You may wonder if Gary voted for himself in a comprehensive win but he made two very good saves in the early exchanges.

So away to Old Colfs next week where we shall try to avenge the Seniors' 6-2 defeat a few weeks ago.

Good week all.

Man of the match: Steve Shippey