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Sunday 1st October 2006


Senior Vets
Colin Mant
1 - 4
Maidstone Vets

By Chris Ponulak

A single reflex is all that it takes to render the imperfections of human nature into a state of sublime perfection or a state of utter despair. Both being sensations that relate either pain or pleasure find it necessary to swamp our minuscule cerebral lump into responding in kind.

It was not surprising then that a match against Maidstone brought out the rather cynical and negative notions that highlight prior field positions.

The match started brightly with us certainly taking the game by the scruff of the neck and playing for once some decent football; this was obviously helped with some extra firepower up front and much needed bulk in midfield. We could have taken the lead as well, but unfortunately Paul Smith pulled his shot just wide. They then scored a goal and then another to go in 2-0 up, a lead they did not deserve. Usually this would mean a Vet fold-up, but happily this was not the case, in fact we were the ones to take it on with spirit that everybody in the team added to the cause. It was just great to see everyone wanting to do well. Unfortunately they scored another 2 goals to lead 4-0. But with some inspired substitutions we managed to get one back from Colin "I will fight them all” Mant who slotted neatly home.

The score did not reflect the game, we certainly were much closer to what it suggests, and all their goals were really first class efforts. But it was just nice to see us all coming off the pitch, having all played well and happy with our performances. It was also pleasing to see us finishing much stronger than them for the last 10 minutes or so.

Well done lads - this is more like it, let’s keep this going for our next match against the old bluebottles.

Hope to see you all training on Wednesday night at 8.p.m.

Replay of the game was certainly Colin “Rocky" Mant wanting to fight just about everybody on the pitch with no thought at all about how he was going to be mashed-up nicely or for his girlfriend Jo ''The Lion'' to be the one to bring on the oxygen tent...........get more sleep boy!

Man of the match Steve Blanchard.....well done.

Luv ya .......Jimmy the Fish.