Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 29th October 2006


Senior Vets
Paul Smith 4, Toby Manchip 2
6 - 2
Diamond Vets


And let it be known that a sign will be sent, and that this sign will be the sign of all signs for on this day of the sign, something truly miraculous will happen, an occurrence like no other living thing in this world or the next, an event so overpowering that the sign will not begin to give it credence. Yes on this very day mountains will be moved, boulders will be unrolled, clouds of whispering smoke will evolve and eclipse the thunder and of the lightning, yes this will be the day of all days, the beginning of the true mankind as we know it, yes on this day the mighty will be smitten to the lowly. Yes on this day the heavens will be open, and the wonders of the white sphere will favour the Farnborough forgotten ones. And so it was in the garden of Farnborough fields that history was in the making. Yes, and I say to the unfaithful, calm yourselves with the waters of the bottle, let the assuming riches of its nectar flood your thirst for more, let it be known from on high that this was the turning point of the vets'' salvation.

There are those faint hearts and backsliders who would tell you that we are losing our fight against the forces of evil, but I say unto you, let this day begin the reckoning, let this salacious morn be the beginning of new dawns.

And so it was, on a mild and carefree limitless day that the guardians of the faithful took to the fields of gold. And on this day even when one behind after only 10 seconds of play, did the mighty hold firm and begin the onslaught that only heathens will in future generations bare witness to. So with such power and might the team of old took on the dark forces of diamond; just like the good book says, not just one thunderbolt will be delivered unto the un-chosen, but many more. Yes my brethren, the skies did open and give to us dear a chalice, the cup runneth over of so much pleasantness that it was given on this day a thunderbolt of six chosen gifts against their two. And to the multitude of worshippers in the gathering, I say unto you "Behold those valiant players of vet "Steve ‘Angel Wing'' Tanner, Steve “The Gospel” Blanchard, Pat “On High" Mongelard, Toby "Heaven" Harlow, Kevin “Let Us Pray" Wolsencroft, Colin “The Pulpit" Ebdon, Lee “The Dove" Southby, Paul "Leviticus" Smith, Toby "His Lardiness" Manchip, Dave "I’m a Believer" Asseltine, Paul “The Exorcist" Storkey, Chris “The Sermon" Ponulakkkkkkkkkkkkky, and Roger "Moses" French. And I say unto Moses French let no man put us under, even the evil one in black with untold powers, will be smitten by the wrath of such pronunciations and verbal herectitudes. Yes even when given such marching orders will you carry on the merry banter and set your soul free on the touchline.

And on the seventh day it was made possible a day of rest, after the “Fire of Farnborough” was eventually let to embers burn. So walk tall my brethren! And remember this was our day, our heraldic stand, when those in front will recall our gracefulness in Farnborough’s annals of history. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Luv ya ..........................Jimmy the Fish

Disciple of the Match...........Colin Ebdon............Well done.....you little sausage!

Despite my poor behaviour (apologies made to Richard) I feel I must comment on our first win in donkeys years!

It has taken 19 months and 41 games to achieve but the result clearly shows that the Vets have finally won a game under the guidance of Toby Harlow!

The result is even more remarkable when you take into account how the game started. FOBG kicked off a on an almost summery day which must have resulted in a bit of heatstroke as we generously played the ball back through to our own penalty area and allowed Diamond to open the scoring with their first kick of the game. 1-0 down after 30 seconds and things were looking bad especially when you look at our track record. However, with Micky Gearing watching from the bomb shelter some of the Dunkirk spirit must have rubbed off on the team as we began to actually pass the ball around playing it to feet with people running off the ball. The first half was very evenly matched and Diamond might have been a bit disappointed with the number of times they hit the bar but for a change luck was with the Vets.

Halfway through the first half a ball was played through to Paul Smith who ran through in to the penalty area to equalise. This was followed by an excellent run from Colin Ebdon who picked the ball up on the halfway line. Beating the Diamond offside trap, he took the ball through to the Diamond six yard box and then unselfishly passed to Paul Smith to slot the ball home just before the half-time whistle.

We were almost in a state of shock not only were we winning but had overcome the disastrous start in the process. The second half continued in the same vein with Diamond continuing to hit the crossbar and us scoring goals. It was not without incident - disallowed goal, minor disagreement with the referee.....the usual! The Vets were playing a good passing game and I think the introduction and good attendance at the Wednesday night training is definitely paying off. Freak weather conditions affected the second half with isolated mist patches of the red kind appearing and then disappearing to watch the remainder of the game from the side lines.

Apologies have been made (rightly so) to Richard Cawker who turns up and refs our games without payment of a fee...respect to RC! Down to 10 men and we seemed to up the tempo to run in 3 quick goals including a calmly dispatched penalty from Toby non-juggler Manchip. Diamond managed to pull one back before the end but there was no denying the Vets their first victory in yonks. Excellent all round team performance apart from the sending off and man of the match well deserved by Colin Ebdon.