Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 19th May 2019


FOBG Senior Vets
Kypros Michael 2, Chisa Mkala
3 - 5
Alan Fines 3, Matt Wright, Barry Grainger

By Mark Harrington

Matti Wright in good Kompany

Venue: Farrow Fields

Crowd/Supporters: Dean Wyatt, Roger French, Gary Willison, Andy Cobb, Harrison Wright, Senior Harvey, Nick Kinnear and Camera, George and a few others

Squad: Gary Rosslee, James Clarke, Jon Gasson, Robin Moody, Matti Wright, Paul Tanton, Jason Miller, Dean Murphy, Matt Ellis, Alan Fines, Jez Mooney, Barry Grainger, Mark Harrington, Tom Naughton.

So the season came to a close later than normal on a hard dry playing surface against our senior brothers.

The pre-match chat was dominated by the two huge clashes over the weekend namely the FA Cup final and of course Eurovision. Dean quite fancied the winners to be the Lithuanians in bondage gear whereas I was shouting loudest for the three ladies on the huge bendy poles. Nothing unusual I hear you say for a guy who works in the city but this time no funds changed hands.

I’ve desperately tried to come up with a comparison for our clash and the Cup Final and the closest I can get is that one team had yellow in their strip and one team was in a sort of sky blue. Yes as being drawn as the away team we agreed to swap shirts well actually Mick informed that they would not have time to wash their kit for the tour and would we mind donning the away strip donated by Nick Pitt. It was no problem but dressing room chat touched upon what the wives of the seniors are doing this week if no laundry duties? Actually, I initially thought a change of strip was no problem until I unzipped the bag and thought that I had erroneously picked up the new under 12 kit. Marking Pete and Kyp was going to be no problem compared to the struggle big John and Al had getting into the strip. Anyway, looking like 11 of Wall's finely packed pork products we started the usual vigorous warm-up of just firing shots at Gary. The air and the pitch was as dry as one of Gary’s jokes and my final words centred on the importance of recognising we had not played for a few weeks, hydrating and not letting club rivalry get the better of us and to keep our composure. Not sure anything was taken on board but more on that later.

We started the better of the two teams and should have put away a couple of chances away before we broke the deadlock after 10 minutes. A long range shot which looped up goal wards via a deflection saw the seniors keeper somehow manage to push the ball onto the bar but to see the alert Alan, sort of, overhead kick the ball into the net. It was no more than we had deserved. The seniors then responded with a shot from Chisa that hit the side netting and Gary also held on well to a Pete Harvey shot. In trying to find a comparison to the FA Cup I should have waited, Matti Wright became our very own Vinny. With cries of pass it, our very own fireman Sam marched forward and smashed an absolute beauty into the top corner of the net from about 30 yards. By the time we had finished in the bar the distance became at least 60 yards but it was a super hit from a long-standing committed Guild player.

I was just thinking if we can get to half-time at 2-0 then it will stand us in good stead however, it was not in the gods' minds or Greek god if you like. The seniors rallied and a ball out wide saw a cross headed superbly home by the alert Kyp. So the best laid plans and all that! Half-time came and during the chat we all agreed we should have a bigger distance between us and the seniors but we had not passed the ball as well in the final 15 minutes of the half. We demanded more urgency and to ‘push’ harder but secretly I feared our fitness would not allow us to do this.

Only one change at half-time saw Dean come off for a well deserved rest, Robin moved from centre half to midfield, which allowed yours truly to play outfield for the first time in three matches against the seniors. At one point, after giving the ball away, I questioned if it was a good idea but I did at least track back to make the last ditch tackle to prevent Pete from drawing the seniors level. Whilst others complimented me on my tackle (no jokes please!) which included Pete, I saw no satisfaction in giving the ball away in the first place so my apologies were genuine. Playing allowed a glimpse of the future with Damien Preston taking on managerial duties for the second half. More on this further down.

The seniors' equaliser came shortly afterwards but not before they had a good shout of a pen when Danny Mullins went down under challenge but with the number of bodies in the way it would have been difficult for Paul Parsons to see it. Anyway, it would have probably meant we would have missed a moment of absolute comedy. A harmless cross that Gary could have taken was volleyed by Jason against Jon Gasson, it then hit the post before rolling to Kyp to tap his second into the net. In a year that saw the death of one of the Chuckle Brothers it was a fine tribute. This galvanised the seniors for a period however, the alert Alan added a ‘toe-poke’ smart finish to restore our lead. Alan then completing his hat-trick with a finish into the top right hand side of the goal after being found by the smart thinking of Barry Grainger.

Now just in case you think you have got away with it Matt Ellis, I’m afraid any reporter worth their pay cheque cannot leave out your miss. I’m trying to find a good case for the defence but Ronny Rosenthal will know how you are feeling. I will at least give you a good build up....after rampaging his way into the box, avoiding challenges and slipping the ball under the keeper, Matt has an open goal. A simple roll into an unguarded net. Was it the dry pitch, did it bobble or did he just have sympathy for the seniors? We shall never know but somehow the ball ended up over the bar for a goal kick. The whole place went silent and it was a sort of Jedi mind trick as no one commented on it further, well until the bar. Hard luck Matt but you did put a shift in which makes up for the miss...sort of!

So we were two goals up and my instructions were to not have any last minute panics but oh you know us! Jay Hardy releases Chisa who placed the ball inside Gary’s right hand post for the seniors' third. There were four minutes remaining and what would happen? Well Chisa, maybe excited by the goal, jumped all over Robin’s back for the inevitable penalty that Barry Grainger duly despatched, sending the seniors keeper the wrong way.

So we felt it was a worthy victory but probably not by a two goal margin. It is clear we must get fitter for next year and add a couple of recruits. Team manager Marcus was on holiday for the game so I took the managerial reigns for the first half and Damien the second and I am pleased to announce this will be the dream team going forward for next year. I will be Mr Admin and Damo will sort out match day duties and it is with a huge thanks to Marcus for running the team this past year, which amongst others things allowed me to concentrate on fitness and playing. Cheers Marcus we will miss you and good luck with the golf.

So the season is over. On behalf of the team we thank not only Marcus but also the committee, Leanne and her catering services, Paul for officiating, Gary Willison for everything he does that makes our life easier and allows us to still kick a ball at our age. Sometimes in the right direction!

Enjoy your summer and see you all at the presentation evening on the 8th June.

Man of the match: Alan Fines and Jez Mooney