Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 5th March 2006

Senior Division

Sunday XI
Paul Tanton 2
2 - 2
Valley Valiants

By Paul Tanton

On Sunday morning at 8.30am I’m listening to Talksport and every caller going off about Chelski this, Chelski that, knowing that the Sunday side have a big game. Our team was not looking too bad, we had some quality attacking players available, then my mobile beeps. Young Ray announces he''s injured with a dead leg. A*se!

Then at 9.15 Villagio phones me saying that Harrigan is injured with a bruised foot. A*se!

All of a sudden two of our attacking threats are out. We now have 12 from 19 I picked on Monday morning. A big game and we have 7 players unavailable which is hardly good preparation for such an important game. Admittedly 4 of those were injuries and that can''t be helped.

Anyway after a bit of rethink and a couple of the players helping out with picking the team we looked up for it and determined. It was also the return of Bodge who is always positive and good for team morale.

We started off and were dominating the first half and having a couple of chances, taking the lead with Pester playing Tanton through for a ''lucky'' goal. However we couldn''t hold on to the lead for long and Valley quickly equalised from a penalty. Still at 1 all at half time we were the better side and we knew we could get a win. By this time Dave Harrigan had turned up and announced his bruised foot was better and would go as sub.

In the second half Valley came into the game a little with our older players tiring. However we took the lead again as Tanton pounced for another ''lucky'' goal following up Dawson''s shot. We held onto the lead until about 10 minutes from time when ex-Farnborough legend Nigel ''Judas'' Johnstone scored a well taken goal. The game ended with Valley involved in a pointless argument with the referee. I think the referee ended up sending a Valley player off after the final whistle and I reckon about another 6 players booked with myself and Bodge trying to be peacemakers. Anyway definitely 2 points dropped, but there was a very good attitude from all the team. After the game we got the bad news that our friends at Defiance had got hammered by Lessa Albion which took us even further into relegation trouble.

With no game this week it gives us a chance to sort out all these injuries and I reckon Dr Andre Frankenstein will be busy with his ultra-sound machine. We have only 4 games to play all of which are winnable if our players are up for it and more importantly available.

I feel that Village and myself have done absolutely loads for the Sunday team, new kit, warm-up tops, a bag of potions for aches and pains etc etc all of which most other teams haven''t got. Some of the players have been first class this season but we need better commitment from certain other players and start standing up and be counted. I do not want to be relegated in a season that I hoped for so much, some of you might not give a t*ss but I do and I find it embarrassing.