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Sunday 8th October 2017


Dean Murphy 2 (1 Pen), Alan Fines, Dean Wyatt, Steve Shippey
5 - 1
Lads of the Village Vets

By Mark Harrington

Referee: Matti Wright

Supporters: Simon Davies, Neil Connelly and lots of dog walkers.

I write this just before watching the England game and in the knowledge that whatever Gareth’s gang serve up, it is never going to match the battle of the Villages, Boys versus The Lads. There were lots of positives about today’s match e.g. Mrs Tant took over the buffet duties and put on a superb offering even if let down by Mr Tant in forgetting the Branston. Seriously, thanks to the Tantons for supplying the excellent grub and also great to see Matti Wright back on the pitch, even if just to referee. Thanks for taking up the whistle Matti and great to hear you are not far away from a proper return to the team.

On the field, the football was simply lovely, every player had plenty in the tank and gave their all and were all over what was in front of them and in the Lads faces at every opportunity. You could see the fluids running down the oppo's faces from very early on as the Guild Boys at times were unplayable. Fair credit to the Lads team they put in a good shift but caught us on a very good day but this has been coming and previous performances have been showing what we are capable of.

It could however, have been a different story but for joint Man of the Match Gary Rosslee, whose first half penalty save when the score was 0-0 was an absolute cracker. The taker hit it with such venom that we expected the ball to be behind Gary before he had even moved but somehow Farnborough’s No 1 threw himself to the right to push the ball out so far it went for a throw. A well deserved joint MOM vote alongside Dean Murphy who produced his finest game since I have been at the club. Dean was everywhere and it was his run and shot which opened the scoring for the Guild, completely bamboozling the oppo goalkeeper with shear power cutting in from the right and beating two men before unleashing in at the near post. Marcus was playing like Franz Beckenbauer and playing passes from the back that only someone with a massive hangover could do, his cross field passes helping to set up two goals, one by captain Dean Wyatt and the customary Alan Fines goal.

Dean added his second from the spot after his goalbound effort was handled by the oppo centre half for the third time during the game and it would have taken a meeting of the UN to get the ball out of Deano’s hands! Shipps finished off the move of the match for his usual goal a game. An outstanding team goal that came straight off the training field, starting from Frank Pearce who had another fine solid game at right back, who played triangles with Alan and what seemed like a number of the team for the cross to be put in by Shipps. Even the oppo supporters congratulated the goal and their manager was magnanimous in defeat that they would not play a better team all season. Generous in his praise of the team and the buffet.

The Lads of the Village are a good side and will win more than they lose so it is extra special praise to the boys that we beat them by some margin. They themselves scored a cracking last goal of the game that Gary had no chance with, a 25 yarder into the top corner. Anyway, Gary had done his work with three or four first class saves and the occasional one for the camera so whilst not a clean sheet, it really did not matter and did not spoil the day as performances excelled. Daragh, Dean Wyatt, Dean Murphy, Carlo, Damien and Tant were everywhere, Shipps is a constant nuisance for every team, including us mate….. Sort that work pattern out so you can play every week! The back line was again working as a strong unit and we have goal machine Alan to grab us a goal a game.

Hopefully, along with Matti, a few of the injured boys will be back soon and Simon Davies injury that forced him miss today is not too bad. Hurry back big fella we need you!

An away match for a change next week boys, Old Colfeians, providing they are allowed out by their parents.

Cracking game, superb football….simply lovely.

Man of the match: Dean Murphy and Gary Rosslee (5 vot