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Sunday 1st October 2017


Alan Fines 2 (1 pen.), Rob Mullen, Daragh Nott
4 - 3
John Roan Super Vets

By Mark Harrington

Referee: Mark Harrington.
Supporters: Gasson family, Nott family, Tant family, Little Redders.

Once we observed the opposition wearing the same colours as Crystal Palace we knew there couldn't be anything 'super' about John Roan. How wrong we were! With only two subs, fourth choice keeper playing and John Redman going off injured we should have known better.

A big thank you to Damo Preston for going in goal after getting off his sickbed (and everywhere else) to play at the last minute. Perhaps the pre-match evening out with management was not a good idea or the wine was a little corked but despite this, Damo made several key saves especially a one-on-one when the score was 2-1 to keep us in front. He was heard saying afterwards that he saw three balls and went for the middle one. Whatever he did, it worked.

Leading scorer Alan Fines was back amongst the goals with two, one a penalty to put us 3-1 up. Whilst the opposition commented that they felt Alan had "gone down like an old queen" the defender went through him, didn't play the ball and whilst probably a soft penalty, the crack of boots could be heard in the clubhouse. If you wear the colours of Palace perhaps you have to have a queen? Anyway, Our scouting system remains strong and we have recruited Rob Mullen who capped a fine debut with a super opening goal. I am sure Jez and Rob will discuss the fine one-touch move over the garden fence. Welcome to the club Rob.

Our fourth goal also coming from the Emerald Isle with Fellow Irishman Daragh Nott, not being out done by Rob to rise and head straight in from a corner. In truth the ball seemed to take an age to hit the back of the net and the lack of pace completely fooled the man on the line. Nonetheless, the diddly music started and Daragh celebrated in style with a jig. Daragh had a fine game in midfield and enjoyed a great battle with the opposition's forward. Daragh rightly shared Man of the Match with Jon Gasson, if not for his performance but for squaring up to a bloke twice his size!

Whilst forwards grab the headlines for goals, Big Jon was worth a hat-trick as two headers and a block from a goalbound shot saved three certain goals. Jon was a colossus at the back and jointly won Man of the Match. Even when the oppo tried to keep the ball away from him he was everywhere. Jon was assisted by James who had a fine game at centre back, continually heading the ball out of the area.

John Roan have a good team and are enthusiastic, full of running and have clever forwards. Sadly they used most of their energy in discussing matters of great interest with the referee. Whilst, as usual, the referee didn't get everything right, we must always remember that without the ref there is no game and we are doing this for social reasons so please try and remember to play the game in the right way. Special thanks to the John Roan captain and left back for trying to keep a lid on the players. A credit to your club.

We seem to be conceding silly goals when we have the game won and whilst not crucial today, it will come back to haunt us one day but I cannot fault some of the attacking football we played going forward. The first goal an absolute joy to watch as was some of the approach play. On another day, someone will be in for a real hiding as we do have some really good ball players. Joe, Dean, Rob and Tant keeping things simple and playing balls into space. So they wore the colours of Palace and concede four goals but unlike the Prem team they have the ability to score goals and the return fixture should be an interesting affair.

Well done lads and now the bad news.....Kirsty Redman is away next week so unless any of your better halves want to come down and "get their bangers out" it will be a packet of crisps and nuts next week. For the health of the team, I have not taken up Mrs H offer to cook as we need a full side out against Lads of the Village.

Have a good week and let's keep this run going!

Man of the match: Daragh Nott and Jon Gasson