Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 18th September 2005

Senior Division

Sunday XI
Adam Dawson 3
3 - 5

By Paul Tanton

After what can only be described as a disastrous pre-season the league campaign is now upon us; however unavailability of key players due to work commitments, holidays and illness was again a big problem. Availability and fitness must improve if we are going finish higher than we did last year. I really believe if we can get our strongest side out most weeks we will be a match for anyone (moan over).

I must praise all the players that played Sunday for their effort and attitude which was fantastic. If we display the same for the rest of the season we will do more than OK. Adam Dawson scored all 3 goals and looked his normal ruthless self, although Barry Cleaver had a stormer alongside him up front and Daragh in centre-midfield was just about everywhere - both picked up all the MoM votes. The rest of the team also really played well and we more than held our own for long periods of the game. Centresports are without doubt a very good team and they had a lot more of their players playing in their correct positions which basically swung the game in their favour.

With a couple of key players back this week and the same effort and commitment I will be looking for a win this coming week.