Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 31st October 2015

Bill Manklow Inter Regional Challenge Cup
1st round

First XI
Tom Rush AET
1 - 0

By Luke Johnson

Patience is a Virtue

Our second game in a row that went 120 minutes and another well fought victory. 8 from 8 now, without playing very well in our last 3 games.

In terms of the game there really isn't much to report. Our sponsors from Culverhouse came down to enjoy their first game at Farrow Fields and unfortunately had to endure most of it. Belvedere had a lot of players missing and defended resolutely throughout the game. For us we could not force a clear-cut opening and I'm pretty sure no team has ever missed the target more regularly than we do. It's quite a skill to miss as many chances as we do.

The day started well, everyone on time and looking up for the game. Ray's mum, Izzy, had put all our kits into individual sandwich bags, separated into kit number, smelling amazing. Mrs Knight, you can have the kit anytime you like. Then Matt Reynolds walked in to the changing room. He couldn't get his words out, no matter how hard he tried, it was very funny. The weekly ritual of Ren drinking some of Dan Rose's home made Moonshine before a game is something a stricter management duo might put a stop to, but we allow it, coz again, it's very funny. I decided to give Matt the benefit of the doubt and start him over me, a good decision as it turns out, solid performance.

About 5 minutes in the ref stopped the game and very kindly let me know that there was a steaming pile of dog turd right in the middle of the pitch. God knows why he told me, I had no intention of going anywhere near it. Luckily Ellis had some nappies on him and Mr Sober Matt Reynolds said he was fine to clear it up. He wasn't. He gagged as soon as he got near it. Genuinely thought I had to take him off.
Step forward match report enthusiast, dog owner and number 1 supporter, Steve Barnes. Our club captain's dad saved the day, cheers Steve, I was just gonna cone off the area!!

For the next 100 and so minutes not a lot happened. Lee Friend got booked for diving, Dan Rose tackled everything, Joe Waiter was serving up some kick ups with a side of back heels, Lamar beat his own record for high pitched screaming and everyone (apart from Dan Hinton) forgot how to talk on a football pitch.

At half-time I told the boys to be patient, a goal would come. At full time I told them they were taking the Michael a bit, but that a goal would come. At half time in ET, I stuck to my guns and said "a goal will come. But liven up".

Just as we were contemplating pens, which would've been a fair way to end the game, my favourite moment of the season happened.

Dan Rose was hacked down to win us a free kick in the 120th minute. Luke Foulsham swung in a beauty of a set piece, Dan Rose had an effort well saved. The ball got cleared to the edge of the box, but on hand was Tommy Rush, the underwater fireman, to hit a 20 yard volley into the top corner, off the crossbar and in. An unbelievable strike, for what was Tommy's first ever goal for the Guild. He's been here almost as long as me, so that's a lot of goalless games!!

Into the next round we go. We'll have to start raising our performance levels, but we're winning ugly at the moment, which means when the football kicks in some team are gonna take an absolute spanking off of us.

We were rubbish in the quiz, because we didn't cheat. Next year we will, don't like losing.

MOM was unanimous again, with Dan Rose taking pretty much all the votes. 2 big league games coming up now and still in all 3 cups, Quadruple?


Sam Clarkson; Dan Hinton, Matt Reynolds, Ray Knight, Tom Rush; Al Barnes, Lamar Myers, Dan Rose, Rohan Howell ©; Aaron Evans, Lee Friend.


Luke Foulsham, Joe Slater, Tommy Sullivan.

Man of the match: Dan Rose