Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Saturday 15th October 2005

Third XI
Ben Duffy, Chris Viner, Neil Barnes, Paul Parsons, Darren Chalker
5 - 3
Forest Hill Park Res.


Sometimes playing our standard of football, one player can make the difference between a winning side and a losing side. You can have 10 better outfield players than the opposition and a dodgy keeper (why does Ivor immediately spring to mind??? that wasn''t my intention). Or you can have just one great striker who makes the difference (yeah I know, but honestly it wasn''t my intention).

This game had none of the above, just a very very good all round team performance from a group of players that seem to enjoy playing together. This fact is highlighted by the fact there were 5 different goalscorers for the Guild!! The fact that my goal was obviously the best in technique and execution really isn''t the point, but club captain Paul Parsons urged me to mention it in a phone call yesterday. He also urged me to mention Ivor''s save, which I won''t. He told me not to say anytheeeeeng about Ivor''s first minute balls up that would have made it onto any Sky Sports bloopers programme, so I won''t.

The opening exchanges saw Forest Hill playing a good, quick passing game and from my view with the flag I thought we''d be lucky to get anything from the match, although in hindsight I was imagining the 3rds of a couple of years ago!! This 3rd team has added some good youngsters to the creaking bones and the difference is huge. Young Chris Viner of 2 years ago is now a 21 year old who has strength to go with his pace, Joe Lipton out wide has balls and isn''t afraid to get stuck in. There''s pluses everywhere, which negates the fact Lee Shep has returned!!

We were 3-0 up at the break, with goals from Neil Barnes, Chris Viner and Ben Duffy.

The second half was pretty much bossed by Forest Hill, and they pulled a goal back with about 25 minutes to go to kick us back into gear, Paul Parsons and myself scoring either side of 2 more Forest Hill goals.

A final score of 5-3 and a place in the top half of the division. With the commitment evident on Saturday it certainly won''t be long before we''re knocking on the door of the top 3 or 4.

Well played fellas and roll on Saturday.