Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 18th January 2009

Sunday XI
Alex Wray, Mike Graham, Nicky Hussein
3 - 3
The Wood

By Vince Wray

There was too much involved in today’s game that is not suitable for print. So I’ll concentrate on the main points. Defensively we did not look assured, every time a cross came into the box we looked dodgy. We did not squeeze up from the back often enough and quickly enough. Additionally we did not expose our ability down the flanks for any concerted period of the game and we did not utilise our footballing ability (passing on the floor) often enough to give our more influential players the chance to expose the opposition. On the occasions we did this we posed a real threat. On the whole our finishing was acceptable but it could have been better with a rush of blood to the head winning over composure on certain occasions.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all negative, we played some decent football in patches and that is what we have to build on coupled with more organised, dominant defending. That will win us games more often than lose us games.

We trailed twice in the 1st half, after conceding two preventable goals, which I think we made easy for the opposition. Wray levelled with a right footed drive from the right side of the box after latching onto a slide rule pass from the industrious Adams. Graham finished smartly from the penalty spot after Wade (again a handful upfront) was brought down.

We led in the 2nd half after Nick Hussein finished an Adams free kick into the opposition's box, with a deft flick over the keeper. They levelled with a smartly delivered inswinging free kick from the left which seemed to avoid everything apart from the corner of the net. It was a good example of a decent dead ball delivery, I think his name is Michael, but it was consistently good all game it must be said.

That’s how it ended - I’m sure the ref blew 5 minutes early but we’ll never know and that capped an unusually below par performance for the official who I think has definitely had better days at the office!

I think there were other factors to take into account today that I’m not going to mention. I think the team is gradually reforming and I can only see improvement building as oppose to performances deteriorating. If we play like we did today we will still probably win most games but we must be more solid in defence and think more about our game when going forward.