Farnborough OBG FC

Match Report

Sunday 24th February 2008

Three Bridges
6 - 0
Youth XI

By Vince Wray

We do have a squad of 16 players but like last week we were struggling with numbers available, due to: illness, injury, holiday and the Carling Cup Final. I’m hoping there are no excuses next week because it’s Mothers Day! If anyone gives us a ‘Mothers Day’ excuse next week they can give the kit back. After today we are bottom, that means we are the worst team in the league – at the moment. I, and Darren and the players are embarrassed and hurt by this and we have to start winning games, starting next week with Junior Sports at home. They are 1 point above us having played two games more, but it’s simple: we have to beat them. It’s going to be played at cup final pace and attitude as far as we are concerned.

Back to today and we had the unenviable task of playing the likely league winners with 10 men. Yes 10 men. Our lads were absolutely brilliant in the 1st half, they chased everything and every player, they tackled and competed. Burkett made a fantastic save from a penalty to keep us in it and that was crucial. Our attacks were limited due to playing 1 upfront, but as I said all of the players gave a performance of sheer courage and commitment. A 1st half of which they should be really proud.

Unfortunately due to the exertions of the 1st half the lads tired in the 2nd half. Three Bridges regrouped and pushed an extra player forward and it created problems for us. Basically we eventually conceded six goals which was very harsh on us seeing as we’d given so much in the 1st half and really wasn’t a true reflection of things.

I am not going to say anything else about today''s game other than the boys done really well and gave everything. A superfit human being could not have given any more than our lads did.

It’s all about next week now, it’s going to be a big game, we need it. If we give the commitment we gave today we can win it.